RIP Z Axis

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  1. Was looking at the sage sight yesterday and Z axis rods were still listed. Went browsing it again today and they have been replaced by one spey and switch rods, and they are not comparable in price ( more expensive than tcx). Why would you replace your work horse rods with a line that is out of reach to the average person? glad I got a couple before they were gone.
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  2. That's how business work!
    ONE are clearly better than Z-Axis, but of course I don't "need" them, I just "want" them...:)
  3. I believe sage made a faster action/more accurate rod in the One, while also listening to their customers and softening up the zaxis which is basically now the ZXL.
  4. no comment
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  5. The one rod to fool them all.

    They are going to get the initial bump from the guys that have more money than sense, that cant cast for shit and don't ever hook anything, that would be better served by getting some casting lessons instead. But than they are going to die. The average consumer
    is going to buy the lower end stuff. I wish they would make some switch rods in the vxp line.
  6. Sticker shock is being greatly over exaggerated here.
    Example, the Z-axis 7136 has been listed as $800 dollars for full retail price on Red's fly shop page (ref: ) , Sage lists the 7136 ONE rod at $925 (ref: . When looking at premium spey rods is 125 dollars that big of a deal if you already have the 1800 bucks or so it would take to purchase a complete outfit? It is simple, live within your means and enjoy the time on the water you get. If someone who isn't busting a dozen steelhead a day wants to drop 960 bucks on a spey rod that is their perrogative, why does it bother you so much(shawn k)?
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  7. I'm sure you're much smarter than Sage in predicting who is likely to buy these new rods.:rolleyes: Like you, I don't know any good anglers (in any income bracket) that buy premium equipment. :rolleyes: Nor do I know any anglers that can afford to drop $900+ on a spey rod who are also good anglers. :rolleyes: The only good anglers are lower income dudes who are way too smart to spend their hard-earned cash on premium gear. :rolleyes:

    As the Clash said one time, "I believe in this and it's been tested by research, that he who #*&! nuns will later join the Church." In other words, I'm guessing you'll own a One two-hander some day. :)
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  8. Ask your local fly shop owner how many $900 fly rods they have sold in the last 6 months.
    look how many threads are posted on here and other boards asking about tfo,echo beulah and such. The people that are gear whores are going to but them initially but after that they going to sit on the rod racks. the fly fishing market is shrinking because as a group we are getting older and dying off at a rate that is higher than there are people getting in

    Look how many used death stars you see for sale because people buy them and than cant cast them. In the hands of a skilled caster that rod is a machine but not for a rookie.
  9. You would be humbled to know how many $7-900 rods sage sells.

    And fwiw - hating expensive things just for the sake of it is a poverty mentality.
  10. I buy $900 rods . . . . When they go on sale, new or used, for around $300-450.
  11. Save for I want something very specific most of the rods/reels I've purchased over the past few years have been 'pre-owned' and as SanFran notes, that 3-4.5 hundred as been the usual range. Am I getting the latest, the best of the best, yada-yada? Probably not in present terms, but the 'quantum leaps' in equipment is a hairs breath in most cases. Worth the extra 'tosh?'

    "Eye of the beholder."
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  12. A friend picked up another Z Axis after learning that although the Sage ONE is touted as the lightest rod ever, the Sage ONE 7136 is HEAVIER than the Z Axis 7136. Funny how some of these technological advances work out. But it should help retain interest in the Z Axis line for a while.

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