Rising Carp

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Lex, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Lex

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    I had a question come up in a recent other thread..

    What are carp rising for on lakes in the evening and morning? Are they going for insects?

    What are good carp flies for lake carp?
  2. ceviche

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    A friend of mine caught one at Green Lake with a dragonfly nymph pattern. He was trolling super slow just off some lily pads with his rod tip pointed about 30 to 40 degrees upward (sitting in his pontoon boat's rod holder). I gathered that the amount of "slack" line hanging in the air allowed the carp to suck in the fly. I normally keep my rod tip in the water to maximize direct contact with my fly; however, that's a good strategy for trout and bad for carp.

    From the last few times I fished Green Lake, I would get these mysterious "bump and runs"--a single strike with no follow up. Not striking back at the first nudge, freezing all movement, and even offering a bit of slack at the first strike will often yield a second attempt by a trout. No so with those bump and runs. If a carp is power sucking beyond an inch or so, then I think those mysterious B&R's might have been carp.

    What are they rising for? That surely can vary. Chironomids, damselfly nymphs, drowning aerials (frigid bees, etc). Unless you bring binoculars with you, it's all a guess.
  3. Lex

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    Thanks Ceviche. I'll give those suggestions a shot. Since that bog is soo close to my house where I saw the rising carp I will have time to try your suggestions out.