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  1. They're steelhead.

    There. . .that settles it.

  2. I just asked the man upstairs. He said that GL rainbows are not steelhead. Problem solved ;)
  3. The man upstairs sounds like some kind of creepy uncle, and I wouldn't want to ask a creepy uncle about anything. So...
  4. So what is the salinity of the various Great Lakes versus the Ocean?

    And at what point do we call something "salt water", "brackish water" as in estuaries, and "fresh water"?
  5. a·nad·ro·mous
    adjective: anadromous
    1. 1.​
      (of a fish, such as the salmon) migrating up rivers from the sea to spawn.
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  6. In the same way that atlantics in a lake are landlocked Salmon and kokanee are landlocked Sockeye, I would say that the GL fish are landlocked steelhead. They are steelhead in genetics and behavior. They just can't make it to the sea. They are landlocked, and they are steelhead. Landlocked steelhead.

    BTW- They are gosh darn fun to catch. I only wish the streams draining the GL tribs were longer so they behaved more like our fish.

    Go Sox,
  7. All the psych majors must be cackling with glee having found the WFF megalomaniac.
  8. By your definition every rainbow trout is a landlocked steelhead. See the problem?
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  9. No.

    They are landlocked Chambers creek and Skamania steelhead mostly. Not all rainbow strains are likely to become anadromous if given the chance.

    There are different rainbow strains from those that tend to become steelhead. Those are also stocked in different lakes.

    In the case of landlocked steelhead the original genetics are the same as our fish. The environment is different. Are the Chinook in the GL not chinook cuz there is no saltwater? How about the Coho?

    They are landlocked forms of what otherwise would be an anadromous fish. It's no big deal.

    Go Sox,
  10. By your definition these fish: http://washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/anyone-like-bacon.95609/#post-901211 are steelhead. See the problem?

    (hint: they aren't steelhead)
  11. I would not consider a mcleod rainbow stocked in the GL a landlocked steelhead.

    Go Sox,
  12. Good grief!
  13. I think what he is saying is a landlocked steelhead has genetics of steelhead...in other words any rainbow trout in a steelhead river might actually be a landlocked steelhead and not a rainbow trout. See the problem now?

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  14. " frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
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  15. "" frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" "...

    Now, there's a "steel" head. ;)
  16. Do i have be as difficult as you guys to join this sewing circle?
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  17. What river is closed ?
  18. haHA! Bennysbuddy. . .for the win!

  19. so the stilly is open for a week. this is a sad year for sure. when was the last time the cascade was closed for most of the winter season ? if my bad memory recalls, wasn't it like less than 10 years ago ? hope the natives/wild fish show better than the hatch turds.

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