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  1. If this damn river will ever drop into some sort of shape I going to get on her and see if I can't hit something with the sled. Also it has been well over a year since I last tossed line with a two hander. Wonder how that will go? Let me see what rod? What line? Flies don't matter, there aren't any freakin' fish to catch anyway. I am gettin' an itchin' to drown a bug or two.
  2. Whats the clarity look like - I went over Mt Vernon yesterday and she was a little (well a lot) colored up. If the river is below 22,000 CFS on the drop and a kinda green - I would fish her. If you have the itch Kerry get on it - really there are only about 8 wks left in the Skagit Season.

    I remember the good old days (Im not as old as Kerry either) - when a guy could not fish the mighty Skagit until after duck season - I used to get my DTI (Domestic Tranquility Index) back in good standing - then loved starting fishing in early/mid Feb through April fro Steelhead.

    It was killing ducks from late Oct to the end of Jan and then swing for Steelhead through April - What a great life it was - seven months of the hobbies I love.

    Then depression set in :)
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  3. She came up this weekend. Saturday it was high but fishable.

    I would hit the Sauk on my way home from work a couple of nights a week in April. I could get a few hours in before dark during those last couple of weeks. Nothing like ending your day bringing a Sauk steelhead to hand.
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  4. Yep - when the days got longer and then the time change hit you could get some real hours in after work - good times.
  5. I too recall some memorial April evenings on the Sauk. Loved it when the river got low and clear in late March and April. With the fishing pressure the fish would duck under the log jams during the day but as soon as the sun ducked behind North mountain they would venture out and continue their upstream journey. During the winter and early spring I would keep my eyes open for a log jam that would provide the needed cover that also had that prefect fly riffle at the top of the pool. Some years it would take a a decent hike to reach such a spot but in those prime conditins I was nearly always rewarded with a fish or two as they moved from the cover of the jam to the riffle and my fly.

    What great times and memories!

    Good luck Kerry if you venture out. I have lost virtually all interest in steelhead fishing though I still catch the odd fish while chasing bulls or cutthroat. BTW the bull trout fishing has been as good as ever.

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  6. I worked in Everett but lived in Woolley. I would take 530 up the Stilluguamish and then towards Rockport after work. I had one spot I called the 5:10 hole 'cause that is about what time it was when I got there after work. Like you said Curt, by the time I got the gear on and down to the river the sun was behind the mountain and the fish would be on the move. Between White Creek and my 5:10 hole I caught enough fish to keep me coming after work. Those were my two favorite spots but I fished several spots including Beaver Flats.

    When the river drops and clears a bit I will spending my time in the middle sections around Hamilton. A few runs there have given me some early steelhead and there are usually enough bulls to keep one occupied if no steel show. Also most of the runs I fish you need a boat to get to so they are relatively free of other fishermen. Boondoggers being the exception.
  7. I've been fishing up north since summer but am getting the itch as well...I know I don't need it but I got the new 8152 burkie and it's a sweet light rod for a 15' got a decent carron line on her and am looking forward to hitting some spots around where you are talking....I love that area...but am hoping to learn the sauk a bit this year when she clears a bit...

    Late to the skagit river game but I love that river now...I don't go out with many expectations but get rewarded now and again...my wa. thompson river spot...good for the soul!!!

    Funny thing about mid river, I always chat up the locals and gear guys...never met a bad one and they have told me about some sweet fly runs...once they get to know you and recognize your vehicle I pity the fool who would ever mess with your truck with them around...(helps when you pull out one that is stuck in the mud)...with all the hate on here about spey guys on other rivers...I don't normally see anyone else (but the gear guys)...and we get along great!!!

    Need a good skagit dose that's for sure!!! Good luck out there Kerry!!!
  8. There are a few around. Chrome was seen a couple weekends ago at the end of my line.
  9. I may cry.

    It's crazy. The river fishes best when the days are getting long. We are allowed to fish it when the days are at their shortest.

    I miss it and my home river in Feb. Oh how I loved to take a half day at work so as to make the 4:00 sled induced slow water bite on my home river. For the last couple years it was open in Feb. I would take 4 hours off per day most of the last 2 weeks in Feb.

    I determined that I was gonna fish north this winter. I've done some research and now I gotta do some exploring. It's darn tough though not to spend my precious free time on the Skagit when it's open and there is a chance, however slight, to hook one of it's perfect fish. I hooked just one last year. I hooked none on my home river, mostly due to lack of effort.

    Is it time to just move the operation north? Is it worth it to allocate time locally and to the Skagit?

    Go Sox,
  10. Charles, north fishes better later...unless you want to do the vedder gong show..feb, march and april up there...is better
    weekend warrior still so heading down when I can't do the mountain drive to you know where..
  11. The Skagit also fishes best in Feb, March and April. We just don't get to fish it, unless you get an orange vest.

    I hear ya. I made the mountain drive the day after thanksgiving. I may head up again in a couple of weeks. Good chance I'll go mid-week if I go. It really all depends on if it get's above 1 or 2 degrees out. Since the wife will be in NY and I'll be in Canada, I'll bring whiskey. Can't see how that could possibly turn out poorly.

    Go Sox,
  12. Kerry,

    I may come up for work on Thurs. the 13th. I have Fri. the 14th off, and might just stay over if water conditions are good. Any chance?

  13. There was a big BIG slide last week...Tyler was fishing and said the river dropped four inches while he stood there..took pic's and it almost went across..
    that said, should clear quick..
    Every time I look at the enviorcan website for temps it's said it's been around 0* celius...except for the second weekend it's been up to mid 40's and higher when I've been up..so don't count on those sites...as long as the road is clear it's worth a shot...
    never care if I catch, I just love hanging up there...the pub opened "baits motel" and the steelhead inn of course is still there for rooms...

    I can only do weekends...I'm getting killed with boxes right now...started early this year 600+ a day so far...no one is letting me sneak out during the week i'm afraid...
  14. If the river drops in lets plan on it. I will take that Friday off.
  15. Nothing like playing hooky to go fishing, should be a good time!!!!!

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