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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brad Niemeyer, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Fished my favorite section of an "S" river looking for SRC Saturday. Picked up one small 9-10" fish that looked like a resident rainbow. No SRC yet to be found in their usual haunts...

    Too early I guess?

    Anybody else finding them upriver?

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  2. WOW no interest in SRC In the rivers? Humpy fever I guess?
    I tied up some flies to swing and strip. Last season was unbelieveable I can only hope that fish start showing up in september. My Best fish of 2012 was 19"

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  3. I agree the 2012 was a special year - great river conditions well into the fall equated to great fishing.

    Have been poking around and been finding the usual numbers of fish though have been having to pick the times and places due to less than ideal conditions (elevated temperatures, etc). Have even stumbled into a nice fish or two.

    With the weather change it should be game on by next week.

  4. Nice flies, and that fish is a beauty!
  5. Good to hear Curt. My spots are fairly high up the river. I have never had much luck in August although everyone says the fish are there. I hope to hit the river at least once per week in September. I might even explore the "P" creek farther north which OMJ recommends. I assume the lower stilly will be a humpy circus so best to avoid that scene?

    Are you picking up your fish on dries or wet flies?
  6. Brad,
    PM sent
  7. Got out earlier this week and found a decent number although nothing close to the size of the fish in the picture (nice fish btw!). The influx of humpies and all the people that fish for them are going to create some challenges in the next month though. By this weekend most of the river humpy fisheries will be open, so its going to be a total circus unless you are outside of the open areas. Can make for some fun times exploring the smaller out of the way water that I usually don't bother with on the even years.
  8. I went out this morning before work and hit it just above the tidal influence on my favorite "'S". I've been fishing this spot for years and it's been the most consistent place on the river for me early in the season. This morning I landed at least a dozen fish and had about 10 times that many short strikes and drive by's. So far this season I haven't found any real big ones however. Biggest this morning was probably 13"-14". Still it was fun and tough to leave because the fishing never slowed down a bit while I was there. In fact it got better even though I was fishing the same water over and over. On several casts there were multiple cutts following my fly. If I had landed a 20"er I would call it an "epic" morning.
  9. i caught a pig src on an s while swinging for steel
  10. last year was amazing for SRCs. I hooked into a couple of high teens! I cant wait
  11. A few days ago, on the way back home from the "S" city, I fished some lower "S" river frogwater that has produced for me before. Not a hint of anything. I just figured it was early. Maybe the change in weather this past week will start to change things up.

    I would guess that the pinks will muck a lot of SRC fishing up though.
  12. My first src trip was late July. I have caught fish every week since.
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  13. Got several of these this morning. I have yet to see another fisherman targeting cutthroat. I like it. IMG_0687.JPG
  14. Orange reverse spider. I like it!
  15. I hit one of the "S' rivers this morning/ The rains yesterday and this morning are expected to push the various north Sound rivers up a foot or so. Hoped the rain had the water temperatures down a bit and I could get in front of the rise.

    The river had come up an inch or two but at least some of the cutthroat were willing players. Found the fished bunched up some with some good looking spots vacant and others producing multiple fish; typical of a humpy year. The off and on rains had the salmon on the move; mostly humpies but a few coho as well. One of each liked my cutthroat spiders with the coho being the first August one in some time. Hit several spots including one I had not fished in decades and ended the morning with a nice batch of cutthroat including several nice sized fish. All and all a productive August morning.

  16. Hit the same place I mentioned earlier in this thread again today and was skunked again. Now, I was trying fishing this spot with a light two hander for the first time, so I may be to blame for the skunking. But I was still surprised that I couldn't even get a bump.

    Perhaps with more rain...or perhaps this spot just isn't going to be a winner this year.
  17. More rain is NOT what we need.

    HIt one of the "S" river this morning both the flows and water temperature were at the upper edge where I would expect the cutthroat fishing to be good. Would like to see both even lower. The big number of humpies and humpy fishers on the wate rare an additional problem - hard to find undisturbed cutthroat.

    Stuck with spiders in an effort to avoid the humpies (though one did find a spider to his liking) and scared up a handful of cutthroat as well as 3 adult coho. Most of the cutthroat were smallish but the coho were fresh bright fish that jumped multiple times and made several runs.

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  18. I ran into the same situation: Humpies all over and cutthroat not in their usual spots. Surface flies had no interest shown and subsurface no grabs in my favorite cutthroat slot.:(

    I wish I could figure out how to tempt the coho!
  19. Good point about the rain. I'm just casting about for anything to explain my terrible luck more than anything.
  20. I hit the lower part of a local fly fishing only river this morning. A few decent cutthroat to hand and saw lots of humpies spawning and moving up river. After the rains last week it seems to have flushed some of the sludge out of Boulder Creek as the river has cleared up nicely. Besides seeing some guys launching a 12' aluminum boat at Trafton the other morning I've still yet to run into anyone targeting cutthroat. I like it.

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