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  1. Nope, just casting it carolina rigged with a bullet weight and 6 ft leader.

    Good stuff eh?
  2. Checkthisout I hate to sound snooty but we don't care about your dick nights nor the poor cutthroat you manhandled.
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  3. I don't think you're any different than any other Fisherman. Like us you're tricking the fish into impaling itself onto a hook and then making it fight for it's life to the point of exhaustion and you think you're better than someone who chose to take a split second to carefully weigh a fish?

    Dick Nites make great flies. Not sure why you would be against actually catching fish instead of just fishing.

    Might as well just use poppers and go reef in bullfrogs if you hate catching fish so much.
  4. I hit the river for a little while after work today. My leaky waders told me that the water temps have dropped a little even though it was sunny and warm. I concentrated on a couple of shady spots that looked fishy and vacant of humpies.

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  5. Looks like a six pounder to me ;-)
  6. One was a solid 15...


    or so
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  7. Nice pictures. I'd rather catch these all day instead of beat up old salmon
  8. I've been blanked 4 of 5 outings. Just not finding them in the usual spots and the unusual spots are vacant as well. Got two a while back before the humpies invaded. Both around 15", second fish may have not been a cut, It jumped like crazy and had no evident red throat slashes. A resident rainbow or a steelhaed jack half pounder?

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  9. On the sky, it's about 1 : 1 ratio of SRC's and jack kings. Both seem to use the same water and hit the same stuff.
  10. #2 definitely looks like a rainbow rather than a cutt.

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