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  1. PACK IT IN.....


    I dont see enough of these signs at trailheads, are they being discarded?:D

    I am a gear fishermen, i like to use bait. I am going to say gear guys are filthy pigs. The riverbank locations with easy access , are covered in garbage. I see many nightcrawler-sandshrimp styrofoam boxes and platsic containers with left over roe laying around more often than not. The miles of monofilament line draped around like cobwebs, its all over the bank access area and is a safety hazard( and a real pain in the ass when you get that shit wrapped around your boots and waders). These are just some of the many fishing related items left at the river banks. I could go on and on about other derelict gear left behind.

    I do see guys walking the rivers( not fishing) and this is how some of the energy bottles and candy wrappers arrive at the rivers edge, however, the amount of garbage at specific fishing access sites is a sign that very few fishermen care about the area.

    I think this sites members are stewards of the land.

    I collect 'easy garbage', items that are somewhat clean or readily available for me to pick up. I should do a better job.

    I wish gear guys were not the cause of riverside garbage dumps, but i see no other explanation and my vision is pretty darn good.

    My rant is over.
  2. Doesn't all beer turn into piss water?
  3. Some of those beers subvert the process.
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