RMEF on bear spray vs. guns (for bears)

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    Yep, that is the report. Well, the Forest Service was hunting brown bears....that was the point of having a person with a gun along with the crew. It is an interesting discussion. I just shoot shotguns....bullets are outside my league.

    But having had enough bear incidents over the years. Bear Spray is a lot easier to use than a gun particularly when your primary job is measuring trees rather than hunting.

    Some of my favorite memories were of cruising timber in Idaho on cool, damp mornings and seeing a purple pile (huckleberries) of bear poop steaming in the early morning sun!!

    Bears are interesting creatures. One time in Colorado we were staying at a cabin and a bear showed for some dumpster diving next to the cabin. We laughed at the bear and took a few photo's of the bear in the dumpster and then went inside. He must have not appreciated the laughing, because when we got up the next morning there was a BIG PILE on the front steps of the cabin next to the front door.
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    smart-ass bear!
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    I was on a trek in SW Alaska last summer and the outfitter (30+ years experience) swore that a blast of the air horn had not failed to scare off a bear in the ten years or so he'd used them. He also gave us bear spray, and he and his assistant each carried shotguns.
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    That's for sure. :D

    Air horns are an interesting idea. Most bears were smaller than most of the other bears for most of their early bear career, and most of them remember it, so air horns should work on most of them, most of the time. :p

    Most of the bears I've run into have run away from me, except that really big one, and I ran away from it. :eek:
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    That's interesting!
    Dang, knowing that could've been handy when I lived in Idaho. :)

    Summary of the article:
    Bear spray isn't "brains in a can", but it does represent "better living through chemistry."
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    "A bear running at you at 30 mph is traveling 44 ft/sec. A bear that is 88 ft. away could be on a person
    in 2 seconds."

    As has been mentioned by some already, this fact pretty much means it wouldn't matter what the hell you want to use as a weapon/deterrent. The hope is that you see the bear well in advance of a charge and have whatever you choose to use at the ready.

    "He said that the recent firearm research showed that didn’t matter if a person discharged a firearm or not; the outcomes were roughly similar."

    May be true, but the video I mentioned of the sow barreling ass at the group floating in Alaska would counter this claim...spray may have worked there as well, but the firearm absolutely did.

    Great report/study...interesting read for sure...thanks for sharing.
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    Sounds like they use the same escalation of force that my plan includes. Kids and the bear horn, the Mrs and I with spray and me with the .40 or .45. I hope to never have to find out, but if I have to find out I'd like to think I'm ready and the rest of the family has a spare key to the rig. They know I'm the last to retreat from the area if it comes to that.