Road Trip through North Cascades area???

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  1. Two of my best friends from the Navy are gunna be flying into Seattle June 19 for some camping, hiking, and fishing excursions. I'm pretty familiar with areas to fish around the state just from experience and info I have read on this board. I am not too familiar with places to camp, or cabins to rent in and around the north cascades area. We talked about driving East and maybe doing some fishing on the Methow if the regs allow it. Though the title says North Cascades area, we are not going to limit ourselves to options there (this is just one of many ideas we came up with). My buddies are adamant about keeping to areas with a lot of trees and mountains (they are coming from Texas and Illinois), even though I would love to hang out in Eastern Washington and partake in the activities out there. But since I am the host I'm willing to go where they want to go to get their version of a "Northwest experience". To them, this consists of fir trees and mountain ridges as far as the eyes can see. One of the proposed ideas was to maybe camp around the Wenatchee area and do some hiking and fishing around there. I'm thinking that icicle creek or the entiat my be good options for fishing if we drove a little further south. I also suspect there is plenty of good hiking in this area as well. Lakes I've considered are Ross lake, Lake Wenatchee, and even Chelan. I was also looking into the Okanagon National Forest, but I don't know much about the fishing up there. If anyone is willing give me input on a good route to take, or a central base to get a cabin or camp within a relatively short distance to do the aforementioned activities, I would really appreciate it.
  2. I would look at a map east of twisp in the loup loup pass area if you want to camp, hike & fish
  3. Onlymercury,

    Stream or lake fishing? Streams will still be high with spring runoff around June 19. For a good lake fishing experience in the north Cascade mountains, try renting a cabin and boat at the Ross Lake resort. Better double check that and make sure the lake is open by the time you want to fish. Otherwise go out to the coast and hike up the Hoh River trail for a uniquely PNW experience. Then fish lakes and streams that are low enough in that vicinity.

  4. thanks for all the replies. unfortunately Ron, I am not active. but your idea is very intriguing. I have never heard of this property. i am considering heading to the forks area so they can take pictures of all the twilight merchandise to send to their girls back home. hiking around the hoh sounds like a lot of fun as well.
  5. If you bring those boys up the north cascade hwy they may not want to leave! A guy could start on the wetside and camp/fish/hike up the cascade river, then head up and camp at diablo. Then head over to mazama and camp/fish/hike around that area. Then cruise to winthrop/twisp to chase some girls. If youve got a good rig you can make it to the oakanogen on logging roads, for the total back coutry adventures. Plenty of awsome lake and streams in that area.

    Im sure you could burn some serious time up there, and your buds would get the total nw experince. Im sure you would have a blast!

  6. Had a good friend that was in charge of Jim Creek Radio Station, got a pass for three years while he was there. Fished Twin lakes many a time. Fly of choice was the renegade either wet or dry for westslope cutts.

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