Road Trip?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Irafly, May 28, 2013.

  1. I'm heading East this weekend, I'm thinking Grimes for the opener. I'm thinking I'll leave this Friday and I'll camp out at Jameson Lake Resort or Jack's. If they are full I'll stay at Sun Lakes, that way I can fish other waters if Grimes doesn't pay out.

    Who's up for joining me?
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  2. Ira, I'd like to meet up and fish with you sometime but after seeing the line up a few years ago for the Grimes opener, I promised myself I'd never do it again. Should be a lot of stillwaters fishing well this time of year. However, there are not a lot of other options in the immediate area besides Grimes and Jameson without traveling another hour.
  3. I'll be at Grimes on the 9th. Hopefully the crowd will have
    gone home by then. I'm staying at a great little campground in Douglas. A report on the opener would be nice. Thanks. Kirk
  4. Ahh, it is one of those types of lakes huh? Well more people on the lake means more people who know where and how to catch the fish. So get there wicked early. Or I guess I could stay around here and hit a couple lakes. Dang it.

  5. The problem is the road is narrow and not a lot of pullouts on the way to the launch. The parking area is pretty small too with not much parking access so folks simply park parallel to the road. I recall a lineup of rigs like a 1/2 mile away. Now if you were to take a float tube and park a long ways off and hike to the put in, that would alleviate much of the headache.
  6. Man I would love to join ya. Not sure if I could get the ok from the boss though...
  7. Ira, those openers must appeal to the masochist in you! Now if you were over here I could put you on a lake with large brilliantly colored rainbows in a quiet pristine setting with a 95% possibility that we would be the only guys on the lake. Of course that would require some maochistic tendencies too as it is a 400 mile/7 hour drive from Everett......!

  8. We'll be in the area exploring the scablands, mainly Moses Coulee. The rod will be in the truck but not the boat so I'll be looking for squiggly blue lines.

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  9. I will be somewhat close to Ira in that I will fish Isaak's Ranch unless Darc cancells out on me. Saturday is the last day of the Spring season and the lake will be closed until the fall opener.

    Scott, I was exploring blue squgglies on a few trips from my place to the Wenatchee Costco.
  10. Ira
    Enjoy the trip, wherever you go. I am watching a little league tournament in Oak Harbor for both Saturday and Sunday! Would love to join you, but.... cannot.
  11. Are you going?
  12. My trip just went belly up as I have some backyard work scheduled for Saturday. It's a "strike while the iron is hot" thing and will save me money and effort as someone else is doing it for a low price.
  13. so did the trip cancel or did you?
    does that mean there is an opening at Isaacs for Saturday?
  14. Yes there is an opening. Call 509-754-4070 and it's yours. Saturday is the the last fishing day for the lake until the Fall season.
  15. The trip is potentially on, I'm weighing other potential responsibilities. I've heard that there is high water this year and that the road might be interesting. I also have a partner in crime who is able to fish with me later in the month there so I'm not sure.

    Ive, I'd love to make that drive and I tell you what, I will this summer once school is done. As far as masochism? Well I like crowds, I'm a happy gregarious person and watching people catch fish (or more specifically watching other peoples indicators twitch) gives me incredible joy, so no pain with crowds for me.

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