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  1. I'm going to be spending a week on Roatan in May.

    I've never been, wondering if any of you had and had any words of wisdom. Looking for everything from places to eat to fishing tips. I'm traveling with friends that don't fish, but they drink alot and sleep til noon, so I figure I'll have every morning to fish.

    I know absolutely nothing about fishing the flats so advice would be appreciated.
  2. Talk to Dave McCoy at Emerald Water ANglers
  3. Stayed at remote Mango Creek Lodge a few years ago. Lots to do there for the non-anglers if they're into kayaks, exploring pirate inhabited (at one time) islands, snorkeling and adventuring on their own, etc. But it is a little removed from the rest of the island as it's only accessible by boat.
    My son and I had a great guide named Miguel who worked hard to put us on some nice sized bones and took a detour now and again to show us some of his favorite out of the way spots around the islands around there. It was an adventure. But I will say the flats were relatively small and were being fished fairly hard by others (Europeans, while we were there). Not the vast white Bahamas flats, and much smaller than the extensive Yucatan areas of Sian Kian.
    Highlight for me was intercepting 4 permit seen from afar. We waded to where they would swim right towards us travelling as they were. I made a cast w/crab pattern at 70 feet and they swam right over the top of it, eyeing it but not eating. Made another cast at 45 feet - same thing. They saw it but wouldn't take it. Another cast to them now at only 30 feet - they kept right on finning directly towards us as we watched in awe until they finally spotted us and bolted not more than 25 ft away! No hook up (they weren't interested in eatin'), but what a thrill!
    It's a unique cultural experience there, really different from anywhere else I've traveled. Very worthwhile if your group isn't into nightlife and shopping - it's not to be found there, at least not at that end of the island.
  4. Thanks guys.

    I'll touch base with the Emerald Waters folks, didn't know they had contacts there.

    Sounds like a great trip Greg, I'm looking forward to it. I should have been more specific. The friends that I'm going with one of them is turning the big 50 so he's rented a house on Roatan to celebrate that, so I'll be staying there. Mango Creek Lodge looks awesome, though might be logistically a little tougher, since I won't be staying there. I'll probably hire a guide for atleast one day. I'll have a rental car, so plan to explore alot, hell it's an island, I'll find somewhere to toss a fly in and see what happens.
  5. Jeff,

    If you take the boat trip through the mangroves to Mango Creek you'll pass through one of the floating Garifuna ("google" it) villages.
    Awesome experience - everyone in your group would probably really enjoy the that.
    We had a rental car for part of our stay and drove all around. There are some flats you can fish on your own at the northwest side a little nearer to the main "tourist area".
    Have fun!
  6. I am going to Honduras in Feb., mainly to fish. There are 3 main Bay Islands in Honduras. Roatan is the main tourist stop. Lots of visitors, some fish, decent snorkling and diving and if no wind lots of sand flies. Utila is more the backpacker place and good place to learn to dive. Some fish but mostly on opposite side of island from main town.

    I am going to the third island Guanaja. It is best known for fishing and good diving. It is the least visited and most expensive as you just about have to stay at an all inclusive place. I am a DIY fisherman and so this is a little above my budget but am doing anyway. I use an 8wt flyrod and assortment of flies that resemble shrimp(crazy charlie), crab(merkins) or small fish(clousers) and fish mainly for bonefish. You can also use a spinning rod with a small weight and these same flies or bait like crab or conk. That sometimes works if windy. I met someone on Corn Island in Nicaragua who used that technique on Roatan with some sucess. Good fishing.

    Whoever created the world went to a lot of trouble. It would be downright rude not to go out and see as much of it as possible.
  7. MDK, not to hijack this thread but I am curious about your choices as I have explored doing a DIY trip to Guanaja. Are you staying at Graham's or the Fly Fishing Lodge? Why did you conclude that it wasn't feasible to DIY? Did you look into places like Bo's or some of the beach-front VRBO-type places that provide free kayaks. Did you consider simply camping on the beach? I am just wondering what you may have discovered about the impracticality of DIY that I might have missed or misjudged so I would really appreciate your insights.
  8. Freestone: I didn't mean it wasn't feasible for a DIY to Guanaja just that it is more expensive than the trips I have done to Belize and Nicaraugua. I am going to be on Guanaja for 3 weeks - two at Bo Bushes and one at Grahams. Grahams will be the most expensive place I have ever stayed at on my DIY trips. My camping days are mostly past. If you would like to compare notes or swap info you can contact me directly.

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