Rock Creek, MT: 3/8 - 3/11

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  1. Rock Creek, MT: 4/8 - 4/11

    Warning: Long trip report follows!

    I just returned from a 4-day trip to Montana were I celebrated my 34th birthday. It was great! Corey Shueffle and I fished the Clark's Fork on Friday with some success (12 fish or so...).

    It was Rock Creek that delivered the holy grail! We fished it Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We caught somewhere between 125-150 fish fish over those three wonderful days. The river required a lot of nymphing (stone nymphs, skwala nymphs-Clark Jenning's pattern, little hares ears, pheasant tails, soft hackles, ect) but gave up some dry fly action (skwala patterns) in the mid-morning each day. We fished around 15-miles of the river and caught mainly browns, whitefish, cutts, a few bows, and one bull trout a peice, in that order of frequency.

    The pictures tel the rest of the story. In short, go to Rock Creek! It was a great trip! As this was my first Montana trip, I can truly say, "I get the hype!" It was everything I could have ever hoped to experience!

    What a birthday present........

    I will post more pics in my gallery for those interested in Rock Creek.

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  2. I can't wait to hear the rest of the report I am thinking about going up after the spring runoff. What portion of the Creek were you guys at upper, middle, lower? what was the cost? did you guys camp? Great report! At any rate Awesome pics too.
  3. We fished from the mouth to about 20 miles up the creek. The middle seemed to fish the best.

    Camping is FREE along Rock Creek Road, we used no guide service, annual license was $65, we brought our own food; so the cost wasn't too bad. Gas is a killer as you can imagine. There's cabins to rent along the first portion of the creek as well as a fly-fishing shop, restaurant, and a campground with full RV hook-ups; so the expense really depends on how you want to live for the week.

    I would go no later than mid-summer as they are already talking about closures due to low water. The snow is pretty much gone in the mountains, "after the spring run-off" is now.

    Good luck on your trip.....
  4. Thanks for the info ! looks like I will have to move up my plans.

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