Rock Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Coomba, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Coomba

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    Anybody been to Rock Lake in Whitman County recently? I see they have been planting brown trout there and I hear that it is known for large browns; however, the last time I was there was over ten years ago. As I recall the launch is on the south end and is sketchy for any boat over about 14' and the weather can be wild if the wind comes up for a small boat. We only caught warm water species.
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    Try this site:
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    Coomba, talked to a buddy of mine today that fished it this weekend.He said the water is like mud from runoff. Didnt catch a thing.I fished it a couple months ago when it was 20 degrees and got some nice 'bows.Sketchy launch, BIG browns (and 'bows), and flirting with death when its windy. You recall correctly. Fair weather and water, it can be very productive.
  4. Coomba

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    Thanks for the intel, sounds like I need to wait a couple of months for more favorable water and weather conditions.
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    February and March... there are people who have this fishery dialed for very nice fish