Rocky Ford is fishing good!

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by jeubanks, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. My girlfriend needs to be Yakima on Sunday morning, so we're heading out early Saturday.

    I'm hoping to hit Rocky Ford Sunday a.m. I've never fished it, so if anybody feels like coming out, I'd be happy to meet you, and fish for a couple hours.

    - Michael
  2. Old Man, are you still keeping the folks at Grandma's store in business buying diet pepsi? I meant to ask them about you last fall when we passed through Silverstar. How's the early spring fishing been over there -- any chinook spring days yet?
  3. Dunno about the rest of you, but I'd be more likely to take to a lesson from constructive criticism than biting sarcasm.
  4. Hehehe, looks like you are new here?.... There were a couple of both constructive and biting.... You just need to assume the interwebs are a microcosom of the real world and accept the parts you do like and ignore the rest.

    BTW, that *really* wasn't the best way of getting a good shot of the fish. I would highly recommend a long handled silicon net for the ford if you want good shots. Easier to land the fish, revive them, and keep you out of the water.
  5. What a bunch of pricks! Thank goodness you guys are here to be the protectors of all that is good and finned. Anyone think maybe he's inexperienced and what a great opportunity it would be to drop him a PM with some helpful advice?

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    Lighten up guys..

  7. I don't drink Diet Pepsi. It was Diet Coke. And I don't live there anymore. I moved to Dillon.

    It was 59 to 61 degrees yesterday. Depending on which Temp gauge you were looking at. Clear sky's with little to no wind. It's cloudy out today with no wind.

    The Gal that runs that little store/post office was going to phase out the pop. Since I haven't been in there since last August I'm not sure if she carried out with it.

  8. Thanks for the back up Bill. I heard they opened up Ringer. I'll probably float down to that "public pull out" past bighorn on Sunday.
  9. Brett.
    Yes MM 20 takeout..
    I hope you catch a ton of fish, Please let me know how you do.

  10. That thread was months old, who dredged that up? The little sarcasm and shit would have done fine to teach him not to do that to fish, even hatchery drones. "Let it go..." people need to let it go already. This thread was so old I hadn't read it cuz I thought it was just another thread about the friggin' hatchery ditch.
  11. Someone needs to post a new trip report, maybe something in the brown line class.
  12. good grief.
  13. Man I thought that creek was a lot closer to spokane... it's over by Yakima? jeez... That's kinda far lol :(
  14. Between Moses Lake and Soap Lake, 2 hours or so from you.
  15. Its obvious the guy who posted the pics is probably relatively new to fly fishing, or just doesnt understand how fragile trout and rocky in particular can be. As with many things education is often the key, and it appears some people need education on catch and release techniques. While I suggest not even handling the trout at all if you can I know at times it can be difficult for some to unhook a fish without handling them. If you must touch the fish first wet your hands this helps to keep the slime coating, which helps to protect the fish from disease, parasites and infection, in tact. Its always best to keep the fish in the water, but for those who like taking pictures only have the fish out of water as is necessary. The poor fish that looks like it bounced around in the gravel and dirt for 5 minutes may seem ok when released back into the water, but chances are it will develope ich or some other type of ailment dangerous to trout. I have fished Rocky since it was rehabilitated back in the mid 80's and over the years have seen plenty of fish swimming around with ich. I know it looks like itch, but it is pronounced like Ick. Once their slime is removed in any area of their bodies trout are much more vulnerable to diseases and parasites. For those of us that have seen the rise and decline and rise again of the Ford we want to see it stay good, so lets all take the time to take care of the great trout we have all come to day dream about. Its seems there are fewer and fewer great fisheries with each passing year, lets not ruin the few we have.
  16. I can understand the desire for a newcomer to get a photo or two of those big rainbows because we were all there once but, as Redside 1 says, it's a matter of education.
    I've seen many people mishandle fish over the years and a polite word or two on proper handling of fish might make a lasting impression.
    First and foremost, if you really need to use a net, buy one that is fish friendly; the old fashioned aluminum frame ones with the green nylon netting are very hard on the fish; they are not intended for catch and release. Don't handle the fish any more than is absolutely necessary and never lay it done in the dirt.
    Eventually I quit using a net altogether at Rocky Ford; if you just reach down and unhook the fly and don't handle the fish, it will usually swim off immediately. Pulling the fish into a net seems to really shock it, and it takes much longer for them to revive them before they get their wits about them again.
  17. WTF, why bring up this old thread, Mods?
  18. This thread is a zombie. Someone shoot it in the head and burn the body, it just keeps getting up and shambling forward. Mmmmmm Braaaaaaaains....
  19. i was there today (was passing by on the way home from rock climbing at goose lake) and that place is just a glorified zoo. I might try to make it back there when its 5 degrees and try to get some solitude. pretty insane creek with gorgeous fish but the crowds are a real deal breaker for me.
  20. mmmmm more brains

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