Rocky Ford Thurs-Fri

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by McNasty, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. cancelled plans today to hope for better weather. gonna head over early tomorrow and stay the night in the minivan if anyone feels like headed over.
  2. I might be able to make it one day, but I'll have to leave really early. I'm also thinking of hitting some "unmapped" lakes in the CNWR Desert unit area, but that might have to wait a few weeks.
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  3. I'll try to show on Friday. You'll be camping at the middle spot??
  4. yup! ill be at it dusk till dawn, might bring the 4 wt. spey to goof around with.
  5. Night fishing, eh?
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  6. 4 wt. spey, skagit head, floating tip, mice. check.
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  7. also, are their camp fires allowed? iv'e seen em there but dunno if it's exactly legal.
  8. If weather is anything like the Seattle area ...well then, good luck trying to get a fire started. I have a river in my street now :(. Check the burn ban for that area.....(of course some sites have their own restrictions)
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  9. Tourist bureau advertises 320 days of sun per year over here.:rolleyes:
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  10. I like your style.
  11. hoping for some big cutts/bulls on the same setup this year.
  12. They claim 300 in the tricities.
    They neglect to mention that the gray days are all in a row.
  13. A lot of out of state visitors in of the best months for weather here , they fall in love with blue skies, 80 degree average, nice salt water smells, easier traffic, views of olympics and cascades, they think WTF is this place? SShhh...Don't tell anyone about the other great days/months...or else :eek::(!!! Keep it a secret please!
  14. I had a police officer come through and we had a giant fire going he didn't say anything to us. he just was making sure we didn't have barbs on our hooks.
  15. alrighty hopefully ill see anyone who comes out! report in a few days.
  16. looks like it's going to be a great day if the wind stays down.
  17. keep barbless. Was told that the Fish and Game guy was there last week dressed in waders. He asked to see my buddies set up (who was in compliance) and then flipped out his badge. Sounds like he is hell bent on writing tickets. I don't have any problem with that myself but being under cover like that seems a little too much

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