Rocky Ford

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ken, Jun 7, 2001.

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    I have fished this creek a few times, with not too much success
    I was curious to see if anyone knew what to use. The only thing that i've had a strike on is a black wooly bugger. Anyone have any tips?
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    I've had good luck with white wooley buggers and white flesh flies stripped fast. Also, in the summer elk hair caddis and grasshopper patterns work well. Scuds in various colors work well, but you have to get them right in front of the trouts nose. Light tippets and small flies are the general rule.
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    Rocky Ford has got some hogs in it. Its a little like standing in a pay to fish trout farm with the hatchery right there, but what the hey. There are several things you should do for success. They have worked for me. First, a size 14 or so olive scud is THE fly there. Just take a bunch with you. Drop it on the end of a floating line, and maybe drop a tiny little bit of weight in front of the fly to get it down some. Also, get ahold of a nice fluorocarbon leader. You dont have to use 7x with a size 22 fly at Rocky Ford. Occasionally, a bead head hares ear will entice them, but scuds are the ticket. Cast out, let it sit for a little bit and then twitch it a few times. THen, bring it in with VERY short regular strips. A scud isnt swimming 12-20 inches at a time, so dont strip it in that fast. Think of how that little bug moves naturally. If you have a slightly heavier rod, like an 8, it is helpful for making longer casts in the wind. I have had better luck when casting out further. Try crossing the creek at the hatchery and fishing from the other side too. I was there my first time fishing next to a guy that I swear was around 165 years old, and he showed me the ticket. Its worked ever since for me. Now if a huge hatch comes off or something, go for it, but I tell ya those scuds are it.
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    Pete Pilkey
    JP, you are right on it guy. RF is probably the finest public water in the west. You can pay big bucks and go with some guy who is all dressed up to a private lake, and he would probably tell you the same thing.
    I fish it 2 to 3 times a week. On a good day I average 12 to 20 hookups, on a fab day I have landed over 20 in three hours. I watch other fishermen who know what they are doing, and like me the meat and Potatoes is the scud. Obviously when you are standing there watching the fish dig in the weeds right before your eyes its a no brainer.
    The biggest detriment to new fishermen there, is the hype. Spring creek reputation has guys fishing 7x with size 24 midges and somewhere in the 2 or 3 days they fish it, they think they might have had a strike. Thats a tough game to play. Most rookies stand on the bridges and dangle things they too will hook a few, and they do not get any better. I recently watched a guide bring a client there, Dressed to the hilt, and they stood on the last bridge and dangled. The fast water below the last hatchery is another trap that gets the turkeys. You will see fish swimming around down there with glow bugs stuck in their tail.
    The leader business is very important I use 5x floro on leaders that average 14 ft long. I use about a 30 inch tippet. This does something other than sight reduction, as it enables the small flies to flow naturally in the drift. Slow and deep is important. Obviously, the creek is shallow, and if you use too much weigh, that will get you too far into the moss. The unweighted fly fished on a floating line will cover anything there. The strike indicator, is probably the easiest way to get the confidence you need, in learning to fish the scud, then get rid of it.
    Most scuds are about a size 12 or 14, I have caught them on larger and smaller sizes, however those two sizes are the ticket. Everybody has a secret color combination, basicly an olive of sorts. No matter what you use, you are going to lose some fish. They are good enough at getting rid of the hook, so try not to break them off. 5x will get you by, and 4x is very useful when the weeds get higher.
    When a guy catches fish on things like Wooley buggers etc, they are presenting a change to the fish who have had all that little stuff thrown at them. When you have been eating popcorn all the time, that pork chop looks mighty good. This stream is full of food, and the terestrials that are in the water are a regular part of the diet. Dragon flies, nymphs, Damsels and nymphs, Beetles, Ants, of course Hoppers. Does the wind blow at rocky ford? Damn right and it blows things in the water. These are big fish who are used to that opportunity.
    I get bored fishing the scud all the time, so I am constantly looking for new ways, almost anything will work at sometime, and you just have to learn to recognize when.
    The stream is NO WADE, so landing the fish safely can be a problem. I do not use a net, as its stressful to these big fish.
    Get the fish to a place on the bank with a shallow spot(1 to 2 Inches), Get the fish played out, Step back 10 to 12 feet, and slide the fish up to the shore. Most fish stop immediately after touching the bank. You can then pin them while you slide the hook out. There is no need to remove them from the water. Resucitate them for a little while, and then leave them in that shallow water. They will usually go belly up for a few minutes. Right them until they swim away. Dont throw them back into the deep water until they can swim. The danglers here butcher these fish with poor technique.
    I have days like everyone else, that I cant tie knots, I cant slow down, I zig when they Zag etc, but Rocky ford gives me the opportunity to experience fly fishing of the highest level. When you slide that 20 plus incher who is so fat you cant put your hands around him up on the bank, you remember how special this place is.
    Dont mean to preach and didnt mean to write a magazine article, but JP told it like it is, so try this stuff.
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    I have had some luck with green damsel fly larvae, but at other times it hasn't worked at all. It seems to be feast or famine at Rocky Ford, at least for me. I have fished it three times and caught a lot of fish the first time and none the other two times. Good Luck!