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  1. I will be going over to rcky ford the second week in April and I was wondering what the best flies are over there. I have been there once and caught a number of fish off san juan worms, but that was a different time of year.
  2. I've fished RF enough to know there is no "silver bullet", but I'll tell ya, by far the most consistent bug I've used at a specific time of year has always been early spring with a tiny tan mayfly nymph. I make a number of trips over there each year, one of them is always the first or second week of April. This time of year I use about a size 20 or 22 tan nymph - tapered thread body, a couple wraps of THIN gauge lead at the thorax and finish the thorax with a couple wraps of sparse tan dubbing. Ideally (when there's not much wind and you can see the bug) you can toss this upstream with no strike indicator, work it so it drops in front of a fish about 6"-12" off the bottom or over the weeds, and right in front of a fish. I've had more success with this method than anything. When you can't see the bug (casting to a distant fish, wind ripples on the water or glare), use a dry like an elk hair caddis (set it so your dropper is just off the bottom) instead of using a colored indicator - they don't scare the fish but they do turn the fish off, especially in the slick water. Good luck!
  3. I fish RFC a lot and have had excellent success with basically three flies - 1) big, long black or dark brown leech tied with marabeau, right on the bottom (use size 10 4x hooks with sinktip and long leader); 2) short, size 12, black or brown leech with a red wire wrapped on the lower half. The tail is very short marabeau. I use the same tie for a olive green damsel; 3) and an olive green scud, size 12 or 14.

    I have never had much luck sight fishing for these fish, except those feeding on the surface that are 30-50' from you. Then, watch the splash of your line. These fish spook, big time!

    By the way, fish these all very slow, but once in a while vary this with quick jerks as they will attack it. If you aren't ready, you will need another fly.

    Good Luck! Al :pROFESSOR
  4. Has anyone ever fished there at night? I usually do ok during the day, but I've never tried it at night. Is it still too early to fish at night there? I imagine black wooley buggers and leech patterns work best, but do you use floating, sinking patterns, or both? Also. where do you fish? Any advice from RockyFord experts would be appreiciated.

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