Rod Breakage

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Sloan Craven, Nov 9, 2007.

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    TFO's offer a good rod at a quality price. I had my 8 wt. ticr break on me up in alaska on the kanektok while fighting around a 12 lb chum. I blame myself though, i just tried to get the fish in extremly quickly and release it so that i could land a bow and my rod went booom right above the 2nd ferrell. I was casting flesh flies with two #7 split shots to get down deep and i bet my ferrells came loose. It taught me a lesson those, always make sure your ferrells are tight. No biggy, $20 bucks and I get a new one. I have no complaints on their rods with the exception that i dont think there cork holds up well. just my opinion though.

    tight lines all
  2. I don't know that there is that much "true craftsmanship" that goes into putting together any production fly rod, Sage or whatever. Its not that hard to wrap a rod and spread some epoxy for the grip. The differences between a Sage and a TFO are in the components and design and quality of the blank. Now a custom rod like a Meiser or Burkheimer is a different story.

    Back on topic... I own a couple TFOs, and have had my little 5wt Pro bent pretty hard with no problems.
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    Two weekends ago the tip section of my 9'6" TFO 8 wt broke as I was landing a chum. Although it was the first time I've ever broken a fly rod I have no doubt that I was careless and applied too much pressure while sliding it ashore. I've learned my lesson. The next morning it went off by UPS and yesterday the rod was returned with a new tip section. 9 days from the time it went out to the day it came back. No complaints here.