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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Jeff, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Do you all know any shops in the greater Seattle area that carry guides, grips, reel seats, etc.? I've ordered these items on-line in the past, but would prefer to buy local and see parts in person.

    So, who carries this stuff locally? It was a few years back when I built my last rod and I couldn't find squat around town.

  2. I believe that All about the fly in Monroe carries all that stuff...
  3. Most shops carry some building components, but it is pretty rare that there will be a fully stocked rod building section with a large selection. As I understand it, All About The Fly has an extensive selection of components and blanks.
  4. Check out Greg's Custom rods in Lake Stevens. He and his wife will be able to help you out with what ever you need.
  5. Greg's has a full stock of rod building supplies, as do we (All About the Fly). We carry a wide range of single hand components, and we also have Spey Grips, Switch rod blanks... and new in the shop - we just received a shipment of Sage Blanks.

    You can also place a phone order & we'll mail it to you. Just give Ron a call at the shop.

  6. All About the Fly is the place to go! Awesome customer service and was my go to shop when I lived in the area. :thumb:

  7. Thanks for the help guys/gals. I'm going to head over to Monroe this weekend and check them out.

  8. If you are closer to downtown, and are concerned about travel time/gas, may I suggest Patrick's. Jimmy had a pretty good selection of components last time I stopped in there. He is a distributor for PacBay.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on Patrick's. I remember he had blanks and blems in a barrel years ago, but didn't realize he carried components too. I went their today and Jimmy had everything I was looking for.


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