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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by mike doughty, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. i need to know the name of and where i can order the tool that pulls the guide wrapping thread underneath the wraps. i have been using mono. tied with a loop at one end, but every so often it breaks. i would like to find the proper tool if possable. if somebody can understand what i am trying to describe, then could somebody help me out?
  2. when i build a rod, this is what i do

    before you start the wrap, cut a 6" piece of thread off from the rest and set it aside. wrap whatever your wrapping. then, on the bottom side of the rod, opposite from the guide or whatever, make a loop in that "pull out thread" and tie it in, so when you pull it goes back away from the direction you were wrapping. 5 more wraps over it, thread it through, and pull. i know its hard to describe, but its what we have been doing


    as a side note: i think your adress was written wrong for the swap, in which case they should come back to me and iwll need to be remailed. i read your writing as being s instead of a on the last line, honest mistake. i think i did, not sure though

  3. so you use the same thread you are wrapping with? i wouldn't think that would be strong enough, but i will give it a try.
  4. it is how we have always done it, and if you dont yank the hell out of it, it should hold fine

  5. At the Rodcrafters PNW Seminar last weekend, there was a nice discussion of this topic.

    Some use thread (like me) others use mono, and some have gone on to using Gel-Spun. And the big secret was that Glide Floss is both made of Gel-Spun, flattened, and splittable.

    Gel-spun is the hot ticket, as it is super slick and ultra strong.

    Many make a loop and put a bead on it to find it quicker.


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