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  1. I'm wondering how much a basic rod tip repair is? The tip isn't completely severed, but its clearly cracked and I'm pretty sure if I threw one more cast it would fly off.

    My rod was only $100 and its a 4 piece so I can't imagine a new tip from the shop being more than about $25. Are there any repair shops that would do it for less than this or should I just go ahead and buy a new tip? I live in Kirkland to get an idea of what "local" means.

    Thanks guys
  2. If the damage is right at the end,you could fix it yourself for the price of a new line guide,....just makes your rod a tad shorter.Sounds like this could be the result of an in-air collision with a bulky fly.

  3. Interesting idea. I'll look into that.

    It broke when I was trying to land a steelhead and pulled back too hard on it like a complete idiot (13ft rod)
  4. Greg's in Lake Stevens is the only place I can think of. Can you post a pic of the damage?
  5. some might disagree with me but a broken tip cannot be satisfactorily fixed. other sections there is some possibility but a tip you pretty much need a new part.
  6. If it is broken right at the bottom of the tip guide, you might be able to use the same guide again. Lightly file down the end of broken area to make it flat like a new blank and install the top guide again.
    Super simple. This should help. Lots of other videos on this subject on YouTube as well.

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  7. Hmm that is an interesting video. I'm gonna see how much a new tip section is and then probably try something like that. If it doesn't work I'll just buy a new one
  8. I've paid as little as $2.00 for a new tip guide for my gear rods.
  9. My dad got a tip-top at Puget Sound Fly Co. for under $5. They actually sent him home with 2 different tips to make sure one of them fit.
  10. Got a new one sent to me from manufacturer for free. I just have to ship the broken one back to him. Ty for the help anyways guys
  11. Don't be too hard on yourself. That has happened to me twice, both times landing steelies, in the same place on the rod.

    Of course, saying that doesn't exempt me from being an idiot either I guess. :confused: :p
  12. I've repaired many rod tips the way it is shown in the video. A simple thing to do. Hell, if I can do it anybody can. I thought that everybody carried with them that repair glue. You never know when the rod tip demon is going to show.
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  13. I've been fishing a 698 XP for a few years that used to be a 6101.
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  14. Last weekend I turned my 697 XP into a 687 :(.
    Sage said they could fix it. Sure hope so.
  15. I had a St Croix 9'6" 8wt that is now a 9'4" 8wt. It still casts a country mile.
  16. Old man i thought you had nothing more than 4wts!
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  17. The last time I broke a tip on a non-warranty rod, I took the tip section to Ted's in Lynnwood. They had a bunch of different sized tips so they were able to help me get the right one. It was a couple of bucks.

    Greg's in Lake Stevens can hook you up too...Great folks there!

    Good luck,

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