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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by pwoens, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    I have several rods im selling...bought em and didnt use em or didnt like the action?? Plus im buying a new Winston so I have to pay for my addiction some how ;)

    G Loomis GL3 9ft 5wt 4 piece with sock, but NO tube. Like new, fished maybe 5 times.

    Scott SVS 804 8ft 4wt 2 piece with sock and tube. Excellent shape.

    St. Croix Imperial 9ft 4wt 2 piece. Old Man gets first dibs on this one as I bought it from him earlier this year. Used but not abused, in good-excellent shape.

    If you're interested, do some research on current prices then make me a reasonable offer.

    They are going on Ebay end of week, if not sold by then.

    ~Patrick ><>
  2. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    oh yeah...all are factory built rods.

    ~Patrick ><>
  3. Mike Etgen

    Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

    New River Mike

    Patrick...sent you an email on one of the rods.
  4. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    Loomis is sold

    The G Loomis is sold. Still have a couple of 4wt's for cheap though.

    ~Patrick ><>
  5. 5 weight

    5 weight New Member

    how much do you want for 4wt imperial st croix:7
  6. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    I just sent you a private message. let me know what you think.
    ~Patrick ><>
  7. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    Still have the Scott and St. Croix for sale?? Willing to trade both rods for a good reel, or possibly guns, scopes, clips, ect...

    ~Patrick ><>