FS Rogue Marine: Welded 8' Pram, very rare... $2500

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  1. I never thought I'd sell this boat, but considering getting a bit larger one or a drift boat so that I can accomodate my two growing boys. Made in Medford, OR with limited production and built like a tank, but only 90 lbs. Can haul in the back of a mid size truck bed. Upgraded starboard seat platform with swivel base with quick coupling release back so that it fits under a tonneau bed and or stores flat upside down. Never had gluvit or coat it on it to keep it light. Some light scratching, very normal for any aluminum boat, will last a lifetime. I also added a Starboard wedge block for use of a kicker or electric trolling motor. To give you an idea of how stable this is, I had another guy inside, with a 120 qt marine cooler filled with 2 limits of King salmon and ice, gear, and a 3 horse kicker motor and it cruised along just fine. Its a moderately light, and efficient pram for wheeling into Nunnally, or just dropping into Rattlesnake or Pass Lake. I get many compliments on the boat and requests to sell, but I turned them all down. No trades unless you have a Hyde Guide model G3, and not looking to part with it for less as you can compare a Koffler and this will still be lighter and as well built or better.

    • Custom Diamond Plate tray for quick access to your fly boxes, and gear. Its riveted with stainless hardward underneath the rowing platorm. The located is perfect for a small cooler with your lunch.
    • Diamond Plate pyramid Anchor nest with built in cleat and bow roller
    • Bronze oar locks with 1" riser spacer for proper rowing without banging up your knees or over extending your back
    • Transom fitted with Fish-On base on starboard side for use of Thomas Extension Arm and Thomas Pocket Puller. Anchors, rope, and Thomas accessories will not be included.
    • Option: Cataract Mini Mag 7' 1-piece, rope wrapped and rubber stops $200, only a few months old. OR will come with a pair of aluminum shaft oars with Grant's Oar Rites.
    • Option: 2000 Yamaha 2-stroke kicker, 38 lbs. Fires up nicely, pees strong, short shaft, 50:1 mix that will last days running with the built in fuel tank. $600. Will not part separately, but offering it up as an option as it balances well. With the motor trimmed up, rows down any river like a dream just like a mini drift boat. I keep it fired up regularly throughout the year to keep everything lubricated and working right, non-ethanol fuels always used. Prop and skeg are both in excellent shape.
    If you're serious about stillwater and want a maintenance free and solid fishing platform, this is your boat. I've fished saltwater, stillwater, floated rivers, and this little pram does alot and don't need a trailer. When I searched nationwide for this boat, I found one in Grants Pass and had it shipped up. I'd keep it, but already have another 8' pram.

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    Sweet little boat Paul!
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    Looks like mint condition. Nice boat Paul
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    Wondering if the Rogue is still available? Thanks
  5. Yes, its still available.
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