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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by George H Thomas, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hi WFF !

    I have a friend (who does not fish) with a cabin on the Rogue River. I am wondering what runs were available during the spring / summer / fall months. No need for any secret spots or techniques but a few fly ideas and approximate timing for Salmon or Steelhead would help out a lot!

    thanx in advance !

    - Geo
  2. Half pounders....OMG!!!
  3. Rogue river ... not Rogue Brewery ....ptyd
  4. You have coho, chinook, SRC, rainbow trout, steelhead and half pound steelhead in that there river. It is a beautiful piece of water as well. I think the species not only is dependent of time of the year but also location on the river. Fred Evens may chime in on this one and give you the low down. Fall is a fun time on the upper river though.
  5. I be here.

    Geo, where's the cabin, and do you have a time frame when you expect to be there? I can give you a pretty good 'fill in' on the "who, what, where, and when," but the 'target' tends to move around depending upon where you'll be basing/time of year.


    Edit: should have added that Steelie Mike is dead on with his observation above.
  6. Hi Fred,

    I am not sure of the exact location, though my friend (my son's teacher) said it was within a few miles of where James Kim, (the tech guy who got lost last fall) ended up. Sadly, she said had he found her cabin it would have been stocked with some canned food...

    I have an open time frame; most likely this will be my annual summer "adventure trip" with my 9-year-old son. Last year, we did Vancouver Island for 10 days of hiking the Juan De Fuca Trail and a little fishing for SRC near Campbell River as well as some rainbows on other tributaries... though I prefer to fish for Salmon and have previously been on the lower Rogue in the late spring ('94) and distinctly remember some large (king?) salmon making their way up the river, though I was not into fly fishing back then

    - G

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