Rolled Mudler

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Steve Buckner, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. I came accross this pattern up in B.C. a number of years ago and believe it to be about the best pattern invented for a number of different species. It is my confidence pattern for SRC's and Coho, and I've also caught Steelhead on it. It would undoubtedly be a great pattern for Dollies, Browns, and Rainbows. I generally strip this fly in 4-6 inch strips.

    I haven't seen this pattern for sale in the states, undoubtely someone does sell it though.

    Tail: Deer Hair
    Body: Gold Mylar counter wrapped with gold oval
    Wing: Deer hair, mallard flank, and a strand or two of tinsel
    Head: Deer hair, trimmed round

  2. What size hook is this tied on?

    Truth above all
  3. I usually tie it in sizes 4-6 on 3x long hooks, although I'm sure it could be tied larger.
  4. I have seen the rolled mudler sold in the states minus the bead. I have yet to tie one up though, thanks for bringing it, up maybe I wil tie one.

  5. Nice lookin' fly there Skinny. I'm wonderin' about that bead though? Thought that the purpose of the deer hair was to add bouyancy to the fly? and a bead head is to sink the fly? So will this combination result in neutral bouyancy? or a fly that suspends head down or what?
    Just curious.
  6. For this particular case, the deer hair wing is fairly sparse and the fly sinks very well. The collar of dear hair provides a better profile and I also believe that it may create sound in the water. With the collar being cut, the air in the follicles doesn't provide enough boyancy to make the fly float. Of course the bead provides some additional density. I've used both bead and non-bead versions but prefer the bead version.

    I can't overstate what a great fly this is. There are tons of muddler patterns, most of which I've seen either float in the surface film or may even ride higher. In contrast, with this bead pattern, I can get the fly down fairly deep. For coho, I allow the pattern to settle somewhat before starting my retrieve. For SRC's, I may or may not let the fly settle.

    Tie some up, you'll be glad that you did.
  7. OK you convinced me! I'll tie some up and give 'em a try.

    Can't have to many flies I guess.

  8. >For this particular case, the deer hair wing is fairly
    >sparse and the fly sinks very well. The collar of dear
    >hair provides a better profile and I also believe that
    >it may create sound in the water.

    Yes, that head should create a disturbance that will be picked up by the fish's lateral line. I think you could even make that head larger as it is kind of sleek and tucked behing the bead.

    As a matter of fact, a "secret" method that is very effective on steelhead in dirty water...a large black muddler head on a rabbit strip body. The disturbance made by the head brings the fish in from relatively long distances and the dark rabbit strip induces the strike. don't tell anybody.

  9. Great Fly. I tied up a few and can't wait to give them a try. Looks oh so fishy!

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