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  1. Made a trip to Spring Canyon yesterday and did OK. In the afternoon it got really rough. This is big water and waves build fast.The waves were manageable nonetheless, but it got difficult to move up wind, so I had to quit by about 2:30. A long trip for 6 hours of fishing. Lots of fish. All of them between 14-18" and healthy. Fish were 10-20' down in the middle of deep water. I got nothing along the bank. wooly buggers, lite bright minnows and muddler minnows all worked, they didn't seem picky.
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  2. Any silvers ? They are usually around there . The weather was a little rough Friday . I was in the Lincoln area .
  3. By "silvers" I assume you mean kokanee?
  4. On Friday, while taking a break from shoveling/raking the yard, I pulled out the binocs and checked out the guys fishing Geezer Beach. I didn't think about pointing them over at spring canyon, or I'm sure I would've seen you.

  5. I really loved trolling/still-fishing for kokanee which I grew up calling silvers as well as lots of other people. My grandpa when he was retired as a fireman in Bellingham spent most every waking day in the season catching and then smoking them up, mostly Lake Whatcon. The limits were a lot more than the current limit of five. I was with him as much as possible.

    Today its hardly worth the drive to Shannon or Baker lake to catch them still-fishing, unless you are staying overnight and take your wife and then you could bring home 20 anyway. When we could chum in Samish it was also a good lake to catch them on a flyrod. We used to anchor just out from the public launch site and raft close to all the other boats. It helped to be close to each other same as it still is up on the boom at Shannon. Dang I might have to consider that again. Nothing like a wild kokanee going airborne on a flyrod.

    I wonder if you can catch them on the Columbia lakes still-fishing. Any of you guys over there ever try it?
  6. Geezer beach, where is this at. I'm at the age were I would fit in!!!

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