Ross Reach or TFO Deer Creek

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Jason Rolfe, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Go!

    Just wondering what folks would choose if given the choice.

    I may have the choice to make.

    Looking at getting the 13' 0" 7wt. in one or the other.

    Can anyone speak to the pluses or minuses of either rod? Similarities? Differences?

    I've been reading a few reviews here and there, now just curious for some more on the ground intel.

  2. Deer creek 13' 7/8. Killer stick for a variety of lines. I really liked a 540 compact skagit and either 480 or 510 scandi heads. I really liked the taper my only complaint was its appearance. Definitely has a smokey truck stop titty bar pimp sort of vibe to it, but is a joy to cast and for $40 I believe, TFO will warranty (aka brand new rod) any mishaps you may have. I wished I woulda kept mine, I kind of miss the velvet suit, gold ring appeal from time to time.

    Anyways. My $.02
  3. Damn. You may have gotten me with "smokey truck stop titty bar pimp vibe." I've heard some good things about it.

    I might be able to get a Ross Reach new for under 300, which would be nice. Haven't seen any TFO's around. And I need to have a new rod by Monday.
  4. The deer creek does have a "different" appearance to it. But when Big R fly shop put there 13 7/8 on clearance for only 97 bucks I snatched that bitch up quick. The cheap price makes me forget the gold accents.
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  5. Jason, I will be on the Sky tomorrow if you want to track me down and give the deer creek a cast.
  6. I love me some Deer Creek rodsand I love me the gold/maroon style.

    Seriously, they are fine rods.
  7. I haven't caste the ross but i don't like th deer creek tfo at all. but then again i love my echo tr which alt of people hate
  8. I would add the Echo TR7 to the line up as worth considering and an absolute joy to cast. Different action and feel than the Deer Creek. The Deer Creek is a great rod; but, as mentioned earlier, the cork is a smaller in diameter. That may or may not work for you. I found the Ross Reach 7 wt. felt heavy and almost more like an 8 wt. to me. I liked the Ross Reach 6 wt. a lot.
  9. $97.00 bucks? Man that is a steal for a great rod! I like the 510 compact skagit on mine.
  10. Hands down the Deer Creek. I have 4 of the spey rods and 4 of the switch rods and have been pleased with all of them. Previously I have had St Croix, T&T and Lamiglass. TFO beats all of these. The Deer Creek rods have a wide grain window and will cast many styles of lines and tips comfortably. The small grips or the trims are not a deal breaker. Cast them first before you judge. I think that if you don't like the Deer Creek you should consider the Echo for a comparable price and good quality rod.
  11. Ended up with the Deer Creek, fyi.
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  12. Deer Creek=Missile Launcher.

    At least for me today. Damn. What a sexy little rod.
  13. Glad you are digging the rod Jason. When you spend money like that it is nice to have something that makes you feel its worth it. Just gotta make sure it has mojo.
  14. A baby could grip a deer creek rod i felt
  15. True. Narrow grips. But that doesn't bother me much. My hands are probably pretty average. I stuck a rubber band around the top grip where my top hand usually rests, and that helps with keeping line in place. (Learned that little trick from the Deneki website.) I think I may actually even prefer a slightly narrower grip.
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