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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Kulikov, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Seeking recommendations for an entry level rotary vise in the mid price range. I'm giving my starter vise to a friend and moving up a bit. $150 or cheaper. I don't tie enough to justify a top of the line wallet buster.
  2. I've been using a Renzetti Traveler for almost 20 years; bulletproof, the last vise I'll ever need. I've seen them go for anywhere between $160-199.


    ps - if you can, visit a shop and test drive some vises; one man's meat and all that
  3. Thank you Scott. Much appreciated.

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  4. I use a Danvise and can't be happier. Excellent value AND performance.

  5. I have a Peak vise, which I love. But have not tried any others. But at the Lynnwood fly show, there was more than one professional tier using a Peak. And they are right around $150.00.
  6. I'll second the Danvise, it did everything I ever needed it to do.
  7. Danvise works well enough for the casual tier.
    I have one and have no complaints.
  8. I have a Peak I've been using for a while without complaints. I've had a Renzetti which I broke the jaw on after less than 1 week (since sold). I have an HMH spartan that is a great vise, but non rotary. You wont go wrong with HMH or peak. The HMH might have slightly better jaws, but you give up the true rotary function.
  9. Thanks all for the input.

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  10. renzetti traveler
  11. Mark a Danvise is imo the best way to go. Look also for the extension arm. It is a must to have for this vise. The standard arm is a bit too short.

  12. Thanks. Yes, I read about the arm issue and the need for the extension on my research for this particular vise.

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  13. Renzetti traveler is awesome and well worth the money.
  14. I had a Danvise for a while. Nice vise, but I didn't use it much. When I get a rotary it will be a NorVise! I've already got the NorVise bobbins and love them. The Peak looks interesting, but I have a Regal that I can spin around. It does everything I need it too!
  15. i got a Regal late last year and after giving it as much time as i could, i will be switching over to either a Dyna king, Peak, Danvise or Renzetti. i may keep the Regal for when i use larger hooks, as that is what the vise seems to have been designed for. trying to use it for mids and smaller leeches has been frustrating. and i have broken a few hooks using it. could be me not getting the hook to fit the slit on the inside of the jaws. which i don't like anyway.
    my 2 cents.
  16. I recommend a griffin Odyssey spider.
    Vise is around $100, has a very simple locking system and works well for a variety of hooks.
  17. Another vote for the Traveler. I've had one for around ten years and I tie on it most everyday. Not really any complaints. I did break a set of jaws last year, but for the mileage I got I don't find that bad at all. It pays to order the Traveler parts kit since you will most likely loose something off of it.
  18. I've used a Regal in the past but bought the optional midge jaws. Just retired my Danvise and after 20-30,000 flies the jaws were getting tired. No complaints though. I now tie on a Renzetti 2200 and have ordered the midge jaws for that one as well.

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