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    I'd like to share my new toy.

    All the best,

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    Your oven looks pretty nice. Can you provide more details? What is the heat source, how is it controlled, is it insulated? Have you used it yet ?
    The frame looks exceptionally well built. Having built an oven myself I understand the amount of work that went into the construction.
    Great job- I’m looking forward to seeing some of your rods.
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    I've used this oven many many times, however, not lately because my wife and I moved and my entire shop is still boxed up in our new garage.

    The outer oven is 1/8" brushed aluminum and the inner is galvanized steel. The heat source is a 5' Mica, and controlled by a PID controller with a Auto Tune function. All TGGT Teflon Glass wire. I've designed a "heat dampener" which sits between the Mica and the cane, to redirect the heat generated from the Mica so the Cane doesn't receive direct radiated heat. There are two copper steam vents located on top of the oven. It's has 2" of industrial fire retardant mineral wool insulation, so I can heat this up to 375f (I don't temper this hot) and the outer is only warm to the touch. All using a standard removable C2G Universal Power Cord

    When I started building Bamboo, I tried using the iron pipe method, didn't like it, then built a Cattanach and Bret's oven, didn't like it, then made them convection, didn't work for me...well, I didn't like any of the ovens out there, so I spent 3/4 years combing out all the issues ovens tend to have and designed my own to fit my needs.

    It's been quite a process.

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