NFR Roundabouts

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jeff Sawyer, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Amen to that. It's amazing that folks entirely forget about turn signals once they enter the "circle of jerks." While I don't particularly like them, especially the "roundabout from hell" on 395 in Kennewick, a little courtesy & understanding goes a long way. And the cell phone comment was also spot-on. Some folks evidently can't drive without a cell phone attached to their ear . . . grrrr. One of those fools damn near made me spill my beer one time . . .
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    Not too many in Kitsap County. I think the problem I have is poor signing on the roundabout, so I'm always trying to figure out which route to take while in them to make the right dang exit to get to Cabela's for example or which direction to go anywhere! Well screw roundabouts, I just got my first "big brother camera" speeding ticket in Tacoma at the E. Bay St. area (I think that's it). What a screwjob that was for $124. I'm waiting for the drones to show up next! Maybe they'll even carry missiles to launch at me. I most usually am the guy that drives like an old man because everyone is always passing me, but, I'm the one who always gets caught when I finally decide to put my foot in it!!
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    I think they work pretty least for what they are intended to do...slow traffic but keep it flowing. Their new here and folks will get much better at using them -- we can only hope.

    Now, if you want to talk scary, try the (8) exit freeway mega loops in the UK, while driving 100+ km/h at night in a rainstorm, on the wrong side of the car and road...major pucker factor :eek: I swear the guy's eye's I nearly creamed were the size of dinner plates.
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    Don't go to Italy Boys