Rowing Upstream

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by LCnSac, May 30, 2012.

  1. LCnSac John or "LC"

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    I am drifting a Class I river (Lower American, Sacramento) in my Renegade a few times a week, and I'm new at drifting with a pontoon. I would like to be able to row upstream some, especially after a sort drift down to fish a hole, and even in fairly moderate flows can't do it well. I understand ferrying and eddies from kayaking. I do have the stock Scadden oars which aren't much. Would a better set of oars make that much difference, or is it that by design pontoons just don't do well rowing upstream?
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    It's not really the strong point of any inflatable
  3. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I have the upgraded Scadden oars and they will help some. Usually to row upstream, you need to get into softer currents near shore and row up, then back out into the stronger current. Any inflatable will not row like a drift boat however. Rick
  4. LCnSac John or "LC"

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    Thanks, Rick. I'll put those oars on the to buy list but you're right about the softer currents near shore. I understand that, and there's actually a good back eddy across the river, but I also understand my inherent laziness of doing a big loop for a small jump upstream. Looks like that is the solution, which may involve some short lining too. I still have a lot to learn about drifting an inflatable, but it's my new passion, so please excuse the very basic questions.