WTB Royal Wulff Tropical taper

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Snakedoctor, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Snakedoctor

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    Hi I am looking for a new or nearly new Royal Wulff Bermuda triangle taper for a WF7. They are on sale at Cabelas but the shipping cost to where I live as being asked by Cabelas is just ridiculus at nearly 50 dollars while I have had forum members shipping me lines at not more then 5 bucks. If you have one for sale then PM. Thanks.
  2. estuaryboy

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    I have a lawn casted only Wulff Bonefish WF7F, NIB has braided mono loop in back and mono in front and ready to go. The cheapest rate I could find is around $11.25 US insurance not included. PM me if interested, $25- for the line plus actual shipping and insurance and PayPal fees.

    Seems like http://www.angusangling.co.uk/ would be a better bet and less hassle they have the Airflo Bonefish and Guideline Saltwater lines. Airflo 40+ is a great line, I have many!
  3. Snakedoctor

    Snakedoctor New Member

    Is this similar to the triangle taper as I am unsure that they have a bonefish taper. 11 dollars is fine.