Rubber Bandit Worm

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  1. Bass worm/leech fly tied with a rubber band. Should work well for hungry western washington bass don'tcha think?;)

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  2. looks a lot better than the only other any other fly I've seen tied with a rubberband
  3. Looks so bassy it's sick. It's gonna swim upside down though, right? with the eyes positioned that way? think it might need to be moved down...
  4. Yes you are right, :eek:on that one I colored the wrong side. The eyes should flip it to ride hook up and the top becomes the bottom. Here are some color variations without the eyes.

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  5. That would be a good one for surf perch, and maybe kelp greenling, too. Rockfish would grab that thing. I once saw a guy doing well catching surf perch with a 2-hook, stinger setup on a red 2" worm that wasn't even that good looking. He was lobbing it with spinning gear, Carolina rigged with a sliding sinker, though.
  6. Improved version!
  7. Nice looking fishy flies! How well do the rubber band flies age in the fly box? I have had rubber bands break down fairly fast, is there something that you coat the rubber band with to protect it from oxidation? :beer2:
  8. Nearly any material will oxidize/degrade over time. I apply nail polish to seal and protect the body section, but the tail needs to remain flexible. I suppose you could oil it, or smear it with Sunscreen? I've been using the Rubber bands that hold bunches of broccoli together, so the material is virtually free.

    These are tied to fish, not to sit in the box. I doubt I will have many left over since I throw these right up into the lily pads, drag them over logs, and bounce them off of docks.

    If it lasts long enough to fool one 5 pound largemouth it has served me well!;)
  9. What are you coloring these with?

    Simple= brilliant!
  10. I just had the rubber legs on a 3 yr old foam beetle crumble off. They were stiff and crumbly.

    The produce guy at the market I shop must be hoarding those big blue broccoli rubber bands now. I used to be able to get them with my broccoli, but no more. Now, big rubber bands are scarce around my house.
  11. Prismacolor permanent markers and also a permanent furniture "touch up" marker. Any broad nib permanent marker should work, although a Sharpie will give you a slightly different effect :ray1:
    I use pre-colored "produce" rubber bands on some of these. Natural tan makes the best base to hit with marker.
  12. Hmm... I've got several hundred old prismacolor markers in the cabinet above my desk here at work. Gonna have to give this a try methinks.
  13. The blue one is a "broccoli band worm"...testing begins sunday morning
  14. Cut strips from a bicycle inner tube used instead of rubber bands. A bit of foam glued to the tail end gives that enticing tail up diving wiggle action. The evolution of a bass worm continues...
  15. Those all look great. I'm sure the bass will agree.
    What size and brand 90 degree jig hook are you using?
  16. Gamakatsu jig 90 heavy wire round bend 2/0

    20 percent off at Joe's right now;)

    I might go one size smaller if casting these proves to be too much of a chore. An 8 weight should do the job nicely
  17. The Rubber bandit worm (in crawdaddy orange) took a 6 pound Largemouth yesterday!:thumb: Testing continues...
  18. Don't do it! Fish hate the smell of sunscreen.

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