Ruffed Grouse Society booth at Puyallup

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Roper, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. I'll be at the RGS booth at the Washington Sportsmen's Show in Puyallup on the 26th from 2/6 PM.

    Stop by and say "Hello" if you're down that way....:thumb:
  2. can someone tell me why the hell they put this on the last weekend of duck season??? just seems plain stupid if you ask me...
    I love what the RGS has done back in VA on my grandparents farm. thanks for being a member Roper.
  3. Roper,

    Never been to this...might try to get down there? How's the bird hunting on the east side...the poodle get anymore?

  4. pleasure.

    Andrew, grouse season is over, the rest is fading fast. Sasha did OK this year for not having any real training.

    Time to kick back do some tying and some reloading, do a little training with Sasha. Gotta work on that "whoa", she's crazy gone when she first hits the dirt...:rofl:

    The Evergreen Show at Monroe would be closer for you, it comes next month...
  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the Monroe gig...that may have a higher percentage of "do-able-nish"

    Libby's last time out was at Cook Canyon at Thanksgiving...feel as if I have neglected her a bit over the past month or so...I'm trying to make it up to her this Saturday by seeing if I can take a morning leave from my side job out on Lummi. Do a little duck hunting...just need to talk someone in going with me so that I can handle her and have a shooter...can you imagine that problem!? I can't seem to find a shooter!

    Lifes a bitch and then the 'season' is over!
  6. Try keeping Libby on a leash until she figures it out.
    My brother trained his Golden on ducks and when he went out with me to hunt upland (pheasants and quail) his dog would not leave his side to hunt.
    By the end of the first day she had it figured out by watching her mom and dad hunt.
    Now if little bro could hit what his dog flushed, life would have been perfect.
    Good hunting to ya all.
  7. Gary that seems like a good idea...Libby has no problem leaving my side! It is the leaving my side when I don't want her to that is the problem! If she sees or hears a gun shot she takes off for that area. Hence why I need somebody to go so that I can hold onto her while someone else does the shooting.

    Thanks for the advice!

  8. Before my first dog was steady to shot, I kept him tethered by a leash to my stool in the blind so I could call and shoot and keep him in check. Worked 99.9% of the time. The one time it didn't work came late on a very slow morning when his patience, and mine, were worn thin. A group of mallards started finally working the decoys, cautiously. After their third or fourth pass, he couldn't stand it no mo. He broke, and pulled my stool out from under me. It was hard to get mad at him for that.
  9. Roper,

    I'll try to make it Puyallup on the 26th. Are you staffing a RGS booth at Monroe the following weekend?

  10. Nope, just Puyallup...see Ya' there...
  11. Thanks Roper.

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