Rufus Woods Lodging

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by martyg, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. I am flat out until mid Feb, then I have about 6 weeks to goof off.

    I am thinking of trailering the boat to Rufus Woods. What's the beta on lodging?
  2. close to the water? slim to none.. not exactly a lot of civilization along that stretch of the columbia. the better fishing tends to be down towards chief joseph, and bridgeport doesn't have much that i'm aware of. check to see what brewster has. it's a little ways off, but that's your best bet
  3. A buddy and I went down to rufus a while ago and we attempted to camp near the water. The cops showed up and got rid of us and we had to stay in a hotel in brewster. . .
  4. Me and northwest had a romantic night at the apple motel in brewster.....they just wouldnt let us enjoy our beer on the banks of the columbia :(
  5. We always stay at the Trails west in Coulee.Right next to a tavern(BONUS!).Marty,we launch at Seatons Grove,but if you have a smaller boat,there is a primitave launch near the netpens by Nespelum creek.Ive never been down by Cheif Joe.

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