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  1. I have decided to purchase a pistol that wont cost me $75+ an hour to shoot.
    My uncle has a regular Mkiii with a green dot, that he loves and can hit a flea
    off a dogs nose at 100 yards. I am a fair shooter with it. Just need more practice.
    Does anyone know of any good place to get one? I have found Buds Guns, and Gallery of Guns and I am thinking of going through one of those.
    My local shop says that he will do the transfer thing for about $50. Is that average?
    I would buy from him, but he does not have much of a selection, nor does he have what I want.

    Also, figured I would ask.... Does anyone have one on here they want to sell?
  2. Try
    They have used MKII & MarkIII Rugers listed in their classified section every now and then.
  3. IMHO, I would look for a MKII over a MKIII, it's a simpler mechanism. The III's have a loaded chamber indicator that adds nothing to the gun but B.S.

    Another option is a Browning Buckmark, I have one that has been fed several thousand rounds without a hiccup. Darned accurate also...

    Don't forget
  4. $50.00 seems steep . . . $25.00 is the standard rate on the East Side where I live. Mark II is smoother, but I wouldn't be without ny Target Model Mark III stainless . . . it's far more accurate than I am anymore & reliable as all get-out. As Roper stated tho, Buckmarks are also fine shooters. A
    .22 makes old guys like me kids again. Enjoy . . .
  5. Wholesale Sports carries the Rugers. They may even have them in stock. I'd give them a call.
  6. There were actually a couple 22/45's on SGN the past week. No idea if any are still there.

    Buds and galleryofguns are significantly different things. Buds is a retail business and you will have to pay whatever transfer fee your local gun shop charges in order to buy anything from buds. Also, don't forget that bud's prices do not reflect the 3% "credit card fee" that they charge if you were planning to pay that way. Finally, unlike most every other product out there, you can't avoid paying sales tax on out of state gun purchases. A law was passed last year to force gun stores to charge the "use tax" that we are all supposed to be self reporting on out of state purchases.

    Galleryofguns is the pseudo mail order arm of Davidson's, a large firearm distributor. As a distributor, they do not need to do firearms transfers to a local store. They just set it up so that you are buying from one of the stores that they distribute to at a pre-agreed upon profit margin for the store (typically working out to a better deal for you than what store shelf prices are). So you just go in and buy from that gun store the same as if it were on the shelf. In addition, Davidson's has a pretty solid gun-replacement guarentee for anything bought through the. Not a huge deal perhaps for a Ruger. But I have heard of guys going through davidsons rather than deal with the crappy customer service that companies like Taurus or Para seem to give.

    $50 is on the high end for a transfer. One place near me will do it for $20 and another for $35.
  7. Wholesale sports or Cabelas. FFL Transfer fee should not run more than $20 if ordering online out of state

    Not a huge Taurus fan but they do have very good customer service. Ruger has a rep of not very good customer service. I have a few Ruger Mk II pistols and shoot ok.

    As mentioned by Roper Browning Buckmark or a used Colt Woodsman, High Standard Citation over a Ruger IMO
  8. Wholesale Sports and Cabelas do have them, but they are pretty high in the price range.
    I have read a lot of good stuff on the Buckmark, but I have not shot one of those, nor do
    I know anybody around the 'shoug that has one.
    I am thinking I will go to my local shop and have him get it through GoG/Davidsons. Josh, I read
    their little blurb on their return/warranty policy, and would have to agree. Seems pretty decent,
    and one of the reasons I am going to go through them.

    Thanks a bunch for the info guys!
  9. I love my buckmark. It's really a great gun for the price. Some claim them to be better out of the box than the ruger 22's. I don't know if that is the case or not, as my limited ruger experience has been pretty nice as well. But in any case, a buckmark camper is pretty nice. I will say that the 22/45 would be the ruger 22 I would get if I were going to get one. The grip angle is more to my liking than the other rugers.

    I am not 100% sure if it works out that way. I think you have to go and order online through the galleryofguns website to get the prices you see there. That having been said, it probably depends on what kind of relationship you have with your local gun shop. If they are nice guys, they can probably help you out. If they are jerks, they will balk and try to sell you one at a higher margin and claim that they can't go any lower on the price or something.
  10. If he does that, then I will order it through the website. Figure he wouldnt turn away that good ol' paper stuff that makes the world turn...
    He seemed pretty cool when I went in a couple weeks back. That is the website that he orders stuff people want that he doesnt have though, so I am sure he knows their deals.
  11. Two things. the 22/45 is a cheaper gun than the MarkIII target. Nothing wrong with it, but it has a Polymer bottom half. Of course if you shoot a 1911 seriously the matching feel is a good thing.

    As to the MarkIII vs. earlier models. Yes the the loaded chamber indicator does alter the feel, but really only on the first shot after loading a magazine. It's as if you have to make the trigger reset. You can do this without firing the gun. You load a magazine in, cycle a round into the chamber, and start pulling the trigger until you feel it "reset" without firing. It's hard to explain it with words, but the first time you try it, you'll get it. Once you do that, the evil Gods of Litigation and Gun Control are pleased with your sacrifice, and it fires from there like a Mark II. If you don't do it, the first shot fired will feel different than the next 9. It's not in the same league as a Sig DA/SA in terms of difference, but if you're competing, it could possibly cost you a point or two.

    The Mark III is still a great gun. And if you reset the trigger after loading in a new mag it's not a problem. But it annoys me that I have to to satisfy the DOJ and Lawyers.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I will proly make use of it! Damn the man anyways...
    The price is part of the reason I am going with the 22/45. I just want
    to have something other than my .357 & .44 to blast pop bottles and
    ice cubes away with. Those get a bit expensive to do that with.
    Great fun!!! Nothing puts a smile on my face more than mixing .357
    rounds in with the .38's and feeling one of the big rounds go off!!!
    I doubt I will get into competing. Might be fun to look into, but I have
    too many expensive hobbies already (if you ask my wife...).
  13. In case it matters, the buckmark is metal throughout and has no loaded chamber indicator (that I know of).
  14. LOL!! Josh I wish you lived in sw, we could go put a few rounds through yours and see how I like it.
    From what I am finding, they are a few dollars more than the 22/45. Well worth it I am sure.

    Not that I will be getting anything anytime soon, but what accessories do you guys have for your plinkers?

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