Running the Wynoochee tomorrow

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Befishin, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Had a trip set up on the wynooche for tomorrrow, Monday, but my partner had to bail. Probably due to his heart attack after watching the Seahawk game! Water is perfect for color and good flows. A few cuttys and a maybe a steelie. 6am Momte Square or Black Creek, $20 shuttle. PM me :)
  2. I use Mick's Fisherman's Shuttle Service. Does a great job, retired gentleman and his wife. When you call him, he'll even give you and idea of river conditions, as in color. Kind of handy after a good rain [​IMG] [​IMG] 360-249-3127, or 360-589-8102. Call, leave a message if you get the recording, he will call you back. Call him the night before and Mick will put you on his list. Key location to be determined between you and him. Price vary's depending on how far you are going. $10.00, $15.00, or $20.00. Example Crossover Bridge to Black Creek is a $15.00 dollar turn around.
    Good Luck...
  3. I hope you got in a great float, Befishin! My casting arm wasn't yet back up to snuff, otherwise I'da jumped on it.
  4. I heard there was between 110 and 125 boats on the river this past weekend.
  5. My friend who lives close by and works on our near the river says it's just overrun with sleds this year.


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  6. Heard the same thing from my cousin. I've never once heard him complain about crowds, but he says he's flabbergasted at the amount of traffic there this year.
  7. Evan you are absolutley right its a F#$king zoo! Alot of it is from sportsmans in Puyallup I think. They have never listed that river on there board before this season and now it states " This is another river that is pumping out tons of fish" which actually it is only fishing decent. I predict that the river will slow down after people get that initial steelhead craving quenched. Until then the lower river is where you will want to be with the lack of rain. Unfortunatley the sleds pound that area hard and couldnt care less about you. They will haul ass up river and stop right in front of you to throw bait in the hole you are working.
  8. Yeah, I've had some good times there, personally... But, last year there was a TON of overflow traffic coming from the Cowlitz. Not exactly my favorite crowd to fish with.
  9. That's too many boats, period!!!
    IMNSHO, Its way past due time to start pushing for a sled ban on the entire Wynoochee, and not just above White Bridge.
  10. The nooch is my favorite river. Mostly because I know every inch of it. However this year I may try to find new water to explore. I hope for the steelhead sake that the river calms down. There are a lot of natives in that river and it would suck to see them get pummeld all winter and spring.
  11. Jim about three weeks ago there were close to 60 drift boats on the river. I could barely cast because it was literally a conveyor belt of boats coming down one after another.
  12. We would never float it on weekends or holidays, any more. I don't like Mondays there after a big weekend, either. Its not my favorite crik, by any means, but sometimes I'll go along with my friends who like to float it, when they invite me.

    Its tough from the bank. Try to get above the boat traffic if you are wade fishing.

  13. Get your armed healed up Wallace! Time is pasting by.
  14. I don't think there should be any sleds above Black creek. But this will never happen until the land owners file a lawsuit for land erosion or noise. We can wish all we want its not going to happen. Fishing was good the other day, not too productive but a good day on the river. 010.JPG
  15. This reminds me...its time to ice it again.
    I was actually thinking that if I weren't a fly fisherman, I could swap the handle of my spinning reel over to the right side, so that I could then hold the rod with my left after huckin' a jig with a two-handed cast, and crank the handle with my right. I can crank handle OK with the healing arm, just shouldn't flail a rod or lift against a fish with it, yet.

    I could also drift a float and jig in front of the boat with the reel set up that way.

    Just don't tell any fly guys we know.;)

  16. That's a really nice pic of some purty water.:)

  17. What's funny, you live in Montesano, so you've lost me on this. I mean, I figured you'd know what I'm about to say next. I know quite a few of the river owners on this river (I own a cabin on the Nooch myself). MOST of them have sleds, and MOST of them have private launches (legal or not) on the Nooch to launch their sleds ABOVE black creek. Now, I'd say up to the Spillway, but not Black Creek would be a good place to cut them off. Sleds access most of that area anyways if they were to pass a law. But I've seen sleds as far as 7400 (and shocked crap outta me seeing them up that high). But you won't see the landowners ever file a suit of that sort. You couldn't get enough backing IMHO.
  18. That what i'm saying, without the landowners backing that river will always have sleds charging up and down it.
  19. See what you missed? It was pretty cold
  20. Well, what I'm saying, is that THEY are part of the problem, THEY are the ones running sleds up there. LOL. Guy across river from me drops his sled in all the time in front of his house and runs the stretch above the spillway. He's just one of many.

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