Running the Wynoochee tomorrow

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Befishin, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Nah, I'd say the lower rivers are fine, they are big enough. Depends on how many rivers you've pounded with a sled. It's what they were designed for. Just once you start running upriver, it gets slim. But Chehalis up to almost the Satsop they used to run freighters up back in the day. It's big enough for big Deep V's to run up with deep skegs. Unfortunately, being a sled, they are able to pass over and over again. I know drift boats that do the same thing. You just can't hear them as they row or use their electrics to run back up to the front of a slot and rework it. But both rivers up to the spillway on Nooch and almost to Schaefer on Sop are same size as the upper Cowlitz that has tons of sleds when river allows them up there (or the guys who drop in at Barrier and run down). And yes, I've put my time on both Sop and Nooch, so I do know both extremely well. And yes, I've almost been tagged a few times with guys in sleds. What's funny, you don't hear anything about the sleds on the Hump. And it's a real sh*t show, especially from the cabbage patch hole down.
  2. I think I'm going to stay out of this before it turns lethel and go fish a creek.
  3. Well, I see them vandalized all the time anyways. LOL. But a lot of locals running sleds too (though I'm not a local, I do have a ton of friends who fish and guide on those rivers, add to that I own on the Nooch). I knew pressure would go up on it thanks to it being about only place to keep a king down there. I just meant I never see threads where guys complain about sleds on the Hump.
  4. LOL, it won't go lethal. We've owned on rivers in Grays Harbor in my family since the turn of the last century. So I've been through it all. Just that once was "ok" now isn't because a ton more people are buying different boats and using them. I've even heard talk about limiting drift boats at one time. So just funny for me to read some of these threads.
  5. What what? too many beers and not enough fish? ... Oh bears, my bad,
  6. Are you going to get healed up anytime soon, Jim? Seems like my kayak wants to get a tour of some estuary out your way this spring. Hint hint. :)
  7. Are you going to get healed up anytime soon, Jim? Seems like my kayak wants to get a tour of some estuary out your way this spring. Hint hint. :)
  8. Gettin' better. I can paddle, since my healing arm is the one with my loose grip. I can troll. I don't want to try casting my 6 wt yet, though.
    I was thinking of going for a short paddle tomorrow, just to ease back into it, if it isn't raining. Local tidal creek. Nothing in it now, except maybe the rare steelhead powering up thru tidewater. Main thing is I need to get back out and wake up my paddling mussels.
    I have an idea for paddling and cutthroat fishing the West side of the northern reach of Hood Canal that I've been wanting to explore, and the tides don't look bad going into the first weekend in Feb, weather permitting. Definitely want to be checking out that area during the Chum fry out-migration.

    My local tidal creeks are open for trout fishing thru the end of Feb. Great paddling, but the searun cutthroat are all way upstream now.
    Farther south, in Willapa Bay, the Palix estuary and its various forks are open thru the end of March.

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