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    Who can resist that mug... awesome :)
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    I live in un-incorporated Snohomish County. We had a neighborhood jackass take exception to our dog being walked off leash. He threatened my wife with physical harm. I contacted the Sheriff and reported him. The Sheriff had a little talk with the jackass and we haven't seen or heard from him since. The Sheriff informed this jackass that per the law the dog needed to be under control, not leashed as so may folks think. Sasha heels, sits, and waits at each street crossing for us, only a few steps ahead. I'd say that's under control.

    One time my wife took Sasha to Mukilteo, At the park there was another jackass only this time this one had two German Shepards. As the one attacked Sasha (it broke it's leash), she couldn't run because she was on a leash. Kinda like a corn dog for the Shepard. Sasha needed 30 stitches and still bears a scar. If I had been there I may well have shot both dogs and the owner...can anyone guess my position on this?

    (quietly awaiting the flames...)
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    I see no need for flames. You're following the rules.
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    As much as I'd like to hang out with Kerry...I'd really like to chill with Kuma!
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    I found this thread to be very enlightening. When I think about a few other threads about dogs, it's very clear to me that there is a lot of passion on all sides of this issue. It's also very clear to me why most of the conflict between rural neighbors involve dogs.

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    Richard, yup, it is common condition. There's even a book out there on how to train your dog to overcome the problem... I bought the book, read the book, tried the techniques and decided it is easier to walk Mia on the other side of the street when I see someone walking another dog on leash that we'll end up meeting.

    The vet who wrote the training book has the same I theory as to why some dogs are leash reactive. The dog is insecure because it is not in control of how it can behave. Our other dog, Sage, had no problem meeting other dogs when she was on a leash but we raised her from a puppy and we didn't Mia so maybe there is something there. Perhaps Sage knew she could trust us but Mia doesn't have the same trust. Just a theory.

    When we're at the dog park or in the woods, when Mia meets another dog she does the meet and greet and there's never a problem -- as long as Mia on a leash. That's the common part with all dogs that have a problem meeting dogs when leashed. Off leash, no problem. On leash, problem.
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    I used to live out in the sticks, way out.
    I had to keep the dogs cabled or they would be gone, long gone, like never to return.
    Every spring a neighbor and I would go dog hunting.
    Any dog we found was shot on sight for chasing wild life.
    Poodles were my favorite. Little shits can chase deer for miles and miles.
    I have this to say about what you do with your dogs. Are you out of your mind!!!!!
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    If it wasn't so early I'd go make some pop corn.
    Great read
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    So far no one has mentioned my solution. My setter (as those of you who have hunted with her can confirm) is an aerobic machine and can run miles in a day chasing after birds. I live on 5 acres (and 2 acres in Winthrop) and both properties are invisible fenced. It works perfectly and Jetta has free rein of the whole property and spends her days chasing rabbits and robins! Her self exercise routine keeps her in excellent shape and she is a happy dog! Now my neighbor lets his big dog free all the time. He craps in our driveway right behind my garage and barks all night on full moons. Have talked to him and the humane society but no resolution after a couple years.
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    BTW Trapper-I wondered how much of Wounded Knights is autobiographic and it appears at least the dog shooting may at least be cathartic for you! Loved the book right from the start! Just finished another book in the same genre, "River in the Sun" by Scott Richmond that also was a great read, based on the Deschutes River. Rick
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    Rick -- I'm glad you liked Wounded Knights.

    I think authors tend to write about subjects familiar to them. Otherwise it means many hours of research and a high risk you won't get it right.

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    I hope you at least ate those dogs and didn't let good meat go to waste...
    If not, you are indeed a "dirty dog"...:D
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    I think David Guterson's East of the Mountains has some plot that revolves around dogs getting hurt by dogs, been a while since I read it but if I recall right it was a sad read. Good, but sorta depressing.
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    Something eat those dogs, Roper
    Cycle of life and all that.
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    So I'm paddling and fishing leech lake in a canoe and there is a kayak on the lake with a woman paddling and a little dog sitting in there with her.


    I've got the van pulled in the loop, oriented perpendicular to the launch, and I'm securing the canoe on the racks. i,m facing away from the launch and suddenly there is a sharp pain in my leg.

    The kayak had just arrived back at the launch and that dog just jumped right out and ran straight up the slope and bit me in the calf!

    Of course the woman insisted it was nice friendly dog!
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    She forgot to feed it that morning and it was just hungry...:rolleyes:
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    something about my flexing calf muscle as I was up and down on my tip toes securing straps must have looked irresistable. : )
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    That was a great book! Very though provoking look at terminal cancer and the thought of taking your own life (mixed in with bird hunting). It was set around Vantage/Ephrata and I really got a lot out of it! Rick
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    Unfortunately I see more invisible fences then most. I also see what happens to a determined dog and an invisible fence. Unless you have their collar set to "drop dead at boundary" a dog who wants to chase something will. Even with an invisible fence. I've seen numerous owners searching for their invisible fenced dogs. I've actually almost been attacked by a couple who ignored their audible alert tone and still yelped as they ran through the invisible fence to go after me. I've also watched some dogs sitting outside their yard wanting to get back in. But the drive to get back in isn't as big as the drive to get out. So sit until the owners come get them and bring them back. To say I've only seen this randomly would be a lie. I've seen it a lot.

    There's not much more to share on what I've read. I'm fine when people are in control of their dogs. If you're not (in the country or not) then YOU'RE responsible for whatever they do. And no, trained to the teeth WILL NOT stop that dog from attacking. My worst bite was by a well trained, super well bred, and championship winning Brittany Spaniel. Dog loved me to death. One freak occurance and dog came after me and took two big chunks out of the back of my leg (requiring stitches). The curse of death is "He doesn't bite". NEVER EVER say that. Once I hear that, I keep my eye on that dog at all times. That's when most bites happen.
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    I've heard that about the invisible fence but after one lab and three setters, I've never had a problem. My present dog hasn't needed to wear the collar for a couple years now. She just knows her boundaries and obeys them, but she is basically an obedient dog in every way. Maybe it is because I train my hunting dogs to obey, and after they hit the invisible fence a couple times, they figure it out. Like any tool, it is only as good as the user! Rick