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  1. My wife has some friends from Germany that'll be visiting us this Summer before heading up to British Columbia for a couple of weeks. They thought renting a RV would be a good way to get around. Has anyone had any experience in renting RV's or know of any particularly good deals that I might be able to provide them to help them along. They are looking for a smaller RV (< 20ft) that sleeps 2-3 people. Thanks for any help that you might be able to provide.
  2. Cruise america is the best. The have Class C rigs they are the easiest for a non rv'er to drive they have a compact at 19' and the standard is 20-22'.
    There are not many deals and they are not cheap but it is a great way to see the country. You can rent in one locale and turn in at another like U-haul. If they want to do this you should probably get a reservation in soon.
  3. I rented an RV about 25 years ago and while I don't remember much about the RV itself or how much it cost, I do remember quite clearly that I spent over triple the rental cost in gas. With both gas and Diesel bearing down on the $4/gal mark (and likely to be pushing $5 this summer), I can't see how the total cost of renting an RV could be considered a 'deal' by any definition.

    There's two vehicle prices you can watch that act as barometers that illustrate how big a bite gas takes out of the average American's budget. First, sales of Toyota Priuses are spiking again, resulting in waiting lists and a hefty dealer second sticker. Compact and small cars like the Honda Fit and Hyundai Elantra, both of which offer 40+ mpg, are flying off the lots.

    In the meantime, there's been a huge contraction the past couple years in the RV manufacturing industry with many makers either folding or merging due to weak demand. Surviving RV dealers are pulling out the stops to offer near-zero percent financing in an effort to move their bloated inventories. With fuel prices approaching record levels, it's not likely many folks will be buying huge Class C Diesel pushers and crowding the KOAs and state parks this summer.

  4. Even with high gas prices, staying in campgrounds and doing your own cooking can be a reasonable way to go. The big benefit is you can wake up each morning in a quiet campground instead of a Holiday Inn! I love traveling in my camper and while my diesel dually gets about 10 mpg with the camper on, it is great to sleep in the same bed each night and do our own cooking instead of restaurant food! A lot of Europeans like that mode of travel and I always see a lot of them at National Parks in Cruise America RV's. If you are splitting cost with your friends, could be a great affordable trip! When you have an itinerary, I've done a lot of RVing and can direct you to unique things to see and places to stay. Rick
  5. Although I have never rent(I have a 21' travel trailer) I have checked into renting from Cruise America which can be found at KOA campgrounds. This was roughly 4-5 yrs ago and was around $1500 for the week plus insurance, gas and taxes and what-not. Most of thier RV's are rather large so they want to consider a small 16' RV which will most likely run on gasoline. I love our camper and would not camp any other way for long stays and it is a great way to see the US. Good luck with your endeavors
  6. JUST looked into Cruise America for fathers day weekend at WSU next year. The pricing I was given for a 30' rig (same price for the next size smaller (can't remember the size)):

    $89 per day
    $0.16 per mile (usually a bit higher but you can get this rate if you time it right)
    $20 propane fill
    + Gas at ~$12 per mile.
    3 night minimum
    * I did not ask about pick up and drop off at separate locations.
  7. $12 a MILE for gas? Sheesh, that'd be a deal-breaker by itself!

  8. Got to be 12 miles per gallon.
  9. yep, sorry...12 MPG.
  10. I think an M1 Abrams tank does better than $12 per mile....maybe they could rent one of those. They could stay where ever they pleased :)

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