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  1. Where abouts in Kirkland are you? I just moved to the area a bit north of downtown.
  2. Need to change that, although I am not to far away. Moved to dt bellevue.

  3. We just flip flopped. I was in dt bellevue haha.
  4. I will be heading up there this Friday around 11am till about 5 or so If anyone is interested in coming along? I know the area fairly well from exit 38 on up, I like exit 42 best.
  5. If you can, you may want to push your trip back a little bit. I've been finding that the fish start turning on a little later, between 1 and 2, and extending well into evening. You'll be able to add a couple quality hours.
  6. Yea I have much greater luck there from 4pm to dusk on dries. But for this friday I am only free during the day. My last 4 trips there I have landed 6-12 in a few hours from 4pm to dusk. But agreed late evening is best.
  7. I started fishing that area in the mid 90's with a 6 wt. Then downsized to a 4 wt, and for the past 3 seasons a 2wt echo fly rod that is a blast to catch small fish on small flies. Good on you.

  8. May I ask what reel/line you threw on your 2wt? I went with sage's click reel and a rio LT double taper. I loved the looks of the sage reel but was kind of split on which line to get (LT DT or WF Floating). The choices at 2 wt and especially into the 1 and 0 weight classes are quite slim in terms of lines.
  9. My unsolicited 2¢ worth: Having fished a 2wt for a couple years before finally selling it, my biggest disappointment with it was that even the mildest zephyr would catch the line and completely ruin even my best cast. I think that your choice of a DT will help moderate (but not eliminate) the effects of wind. Depending on the action of your new rod, you may also want to try it with a 3wt line which would help even more. Lemme know and I'll be happy to meet up with a 3wt line and reel for you to try out.

  10. Hi Golfman,

    I ended up overlining my 2wt rod with a 3wt, weight forward line. I took the spindly 2wt to Anil's shop in Tacoma. He let me test cast a bizillion lines until i found a line that felt right.

    I cannot tell you why i preferred to over line this rod. Maybe it is because I am used to casting fast action rods and could not "feel" the limber, small rod loading when lined with the "proper" 2wt line.

    Every caster and every rod may have different requirements. This solution worked for me. I cast this rod slower with bigger loops than I do with my 6 weight rods that I use from the boat on the yak.
  11. Sorry Golfman,

    I forgot to tell you about the reel. I purchased a cheap, off shore built Ross reel in the smallest size. It has a large arbor aluminum rim, but the gears are plastic and drag is not high quality. The only real reason for a reel on a rod this small is to hold line as I am not expecting to hook into an 18 inch fish on these small mountain steams. I am very happy with this setup. My 4 wt has the identical reel, just in a different color.
  12. Truer words were never spoken. I have said this many times . What works for one doesn't always work the the other. All rods are created equal but all arms are different. We all look like we are doing it the same way but it's the little quirks that make it different.
  13. Agreed.... And I will add that for me I have had a few time when I spend 6-7 hours on the Sno with my 3 wt then I go to the Yakima with my 6 wt and it takes me a few cast to adjust to the heavier rod/line.

  14. That would be great Kent. I just heard back from the shop and they are on backorder from sage so they are trying to get one from their rep to make it a quicker process. Either way, it might be a while

  15. Yea I've never over nor underlined a rod before but its something I am willing to try. I'll have to wait until it arrives and go from there. Thanks for the input.

  16. Sounds good. I went with the sage click which will be my first click/pawl reel that I own. I've fished them before (learned to fly fish with one) but it will still be a bit different not having a true drag system.
  17. Looks like you had a great time up there,
    Great fish!
  18. Golfman, I still use my original Sage click reel that came with my Sage discovery series beginner 6wt outfit.

    This reel is reserved for the stillwater fishing every spring at the lenice, merrill, nunully fishery. I love the way the reel sings when I hook a large fish. Everyone on the lake can hear the music. My newer, large arbor reels with silky smooth drags are not nearly as fun.
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  19. Awesome.

    Thats what I was going for. I'll only be targeting smaller fish on this rod so a full on smooth drag didn't seem necessary. This reel and rod together weigh about 4 ounces.

  20. Golfman, That is sweet. I hope you get your reel/line soon.

    I bet the guys at Creekside in Issaquah could let you test different lines & weights to see what line feels right for you. I used to purchase from them quite often when I lived in Seattle. They were on my way to the S Fork, Rattlesnake Lake, Yak, Lenice and Rocky Ford.

    You may be surprised that overlining a small rod will work better for you if you are used to fast action, heavier rods.

    I use my 2 wt far more than any of my other rods because I have fallen back in love with small stream/small fish outings.

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