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    I think it depends on what your goal is at the time. I agree with you Pat, and pinks are a blast, but for me it wears off quick. I do however enjoy putting other people on them who are newbies, like my son and seeing him light up, getting to easily hook multiple huge fish. After a couple trips though and a few packed smoker sessions, I am pretty done with pinks, probably because it is so little fishing and so much repetitive catching. I start missing the hunt and the surprises or skunkings that await.
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    And that's the nice thing about this run. Everyone can get out of it what they desire. If flossing a few fish is your thing I'm not going to judge. If catching a bunch of hard fighting small salmon is your thing, great. If, like me, completely ignoring these fish in pursuit of others is what turns your crank.... It's all about our enjoyment while not being a harm to the resource.
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    Pinks on a Dry - The Beezy Bomber

    Take a typical streamer hook. Tie on a piece of cross cut pink rabbit leaving enough for a little tail. Than tie on a grasshopper sized piece of pink foam plus a little extra. Wrap the rabbit forward and double layer it at the collar to fatten it up. Bring loose end of foam forward and tie down on top of collar with extra over eye of hook. Roll back extra foam lash down on collar to make a really blunt head.

    The fly should ride low in the water with very good streamer/baitfish motion and make a serious pop when stripped. Not a skater at all but a popper that swims well.
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    Just curious but have any of you tried the standard pink flashabou comet that works like magic on the beach. I don't really hear anyone saying they use them in rivers?