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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jon Brengan, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Jon Brengan

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    I had my truck in the shop this last week and this AM used the excuse that I needed to escape to the river and see "how the truck would hold up", it worked, while she's home wrapping presents and making cookies, I escaped for another day of fishing. It was pretty crisp, the forest was frozen stiff, I crunched my way down the trail and was greated by the frost on all the trees. As I emerged from the forest the sun was just coming up over the ridge, everything was sparkling, wow...pretty awesome to be out in nature in all her glory. Cast after cast, nothing....thenafter working down the long run, I checked the time, 11:30 I have another half hour to fish. I pulled out of the run and worked down to a nice pool at the end of the run. The water is that emerald green, visibility about 3 feet, Cast, cast, bang, oops missed that one....now my senses are up. I wait a bit, change flies put on a smaller version, cast, swing, nothing. Cast again, swing and line seems to be hung up, I raise the rodtip, I get that surging head shake. FISH ON!! I set the hook, it just hunkers down, moves up into the middle of the hole. I put side pressure on it, it slides over a couple feet, but the takes line and heads back out, I'm thinking "gotta be a dolly", sure enough about 10 minutes later I slide a nice hen dolly up on the bank and set my rod down next to her for a picture. I pull the phone out, no bars! no pic, but a great way to end the day! Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. Itchy Dog

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    Sounds like a load bull to me! You know- bull/Dolly- that whole debate.
    Nice work...
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    I don't know what brand of phone you have, but, most cell phones can still take pictures even when there are no "bars" cause your not making a call, just takin' a pic that's a camera function.???

    Congrats on the fish anyway.

  4. Evan Burck

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    you just need a charged battery. service bars not required
  5. Ed Call

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    Splendid report. Thanks for sharing, and I don't need any photos to put myself into the scene!
  6. Jon Brengan

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    Yeah my bad, I think that was my trouble really I noticed that the phone needed charging earlier that morning and stuck it on the charger for a couple minutes, it had enough to call my wife, but not enough to actually take the picture. Too bad, I would've liked to upload a pic of that fish, it was equally nice as that day was.
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    You caught a fish and shared the story with us.
    Nice job and thanks for sharing :^)