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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Walker, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Difficult, but after 22yrs, I parted with a very old friend this morning...... 1fxra.jpg ............
  2. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of that going on these days with the economy and fuel prices. People just aren't holding on to there toys because they can't afford to just let them sit. I will pray for you
  3. Thanks for your prayers.
    No problem with the $.
    I've been riding going on almost 50yrs and it's just getting too dangerous. Particularly with the advent of cell phones/texting, etc., people just aren't paying attention to their driving.
    Used to be you'd have a "close encounter" maybe once a week or so. Some old geezer would back out of his driveway in front of you or the odd left hand turn would almost cut you off, but now, in the last year, four guys I know are dead. Not one was at fault, but dead just the same.
  4. What? Are you crazy? That's a beautiful bike! Two years ago I crashed my Honda Shadow and spent 8 days in the hospital but I still ride.

    Of course it is dangerous... that's part of the deal. You ride paranoid because you must.

    That reminds, me. I need to start up the bikes for their weekly warm up. (I ended up with two... Virginia thought she wanted her own bike but fell down a couple times and that freaked her out so she no longer rides her bike so now I have two.)

    Riding motorcycles is actually just as much a part of my life as is flyfishing. I can't imagine I'll ever give it up either.
  5. I feel your pain, Mark. I gave it up 35 years ago after 1 too many close calls. Miss the scooter, but don't regret the decision.
  6. As seemingly rule happy as they are, I still cannot believe CA allows motorcycles to ride between the lanes :eek: . I was just in San Diego a couple weeks ago and drove over to Yuma to visit friends. I just missed one flying down highway 8 while congested traffic was going about 15 mph.

    By the looks of it, that beauty fetched some handsome dinero. I think it should be used for a "bucket list" fishing trip...say Tierra Del Fuego, New Zealand or perhaps Christmas Island!
  7. Sorry to hear you're giving it up....but sometimes...discretion is, indeed, the better part of valor.

    I've got 4 bikes, including a black Dyna similar to yours. Yup, lots of yahoos out there, and not all of them in cages.
  8. It did indeed put a few dinero in the fishing fund.
    Kamchatka trout anyone?
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  9. Mark, I'm glad you got out alive. So many older guys (spelled baby boomers) have met an untimely end on bikes in the past few years. They got old enough to decide for themselves that they wanted to ride and could easily afford the bikes but it was too late in life to have the reaction times of a 22 year old.

    Back in '61 I was riding my AJS thumper along Sepulveda near the Imperial Highway intersection in front of LAX. A woman in a big station wagon full of kids came up on my right, cut me off and rolled me across the median into the oncoming lane of traffic. I landed on my back and saw a gas tank and rear bumper flash by my eyes just inches away. That was the end of my biking days and I bought an Austin Healy 3000 and never looked back.

    I still lust for a modern sweet little 250 to piddle around with but at this age it is just ridiculous.

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  10. About 50 years ago my brother had a 160 Honda. I used to ride it to work. I dumped it twice. Once a dump truck pulled out like he was turning left but turned right, right in front of me. I beat it over the hill to the right and he damn near ran me over.

    Another time I did a wheelie in the middle of a rain slick intersection. It's a good thing I was wearing a helmet both times. I quit riding it to work after that.
  11. Mark, just so's you never go "quietly into the night"! My crotch-rocket days ended when I married der Furher--I mean her Ladyship, the RN!
  12. Appreciate everyone's support.
  13. I've been thinking about one of the very nice modern 250s, but a little roadster would scratch that itch just as well. Maybe a nice second hand Z3. :)

  14. Sorry for you loss Mark. I'm generally a euro bike guy, but there's something very cool about a nice clean Dyna.
  15. Go Miata Patrick
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  16. That would work too.
  17. Sounds like a new rod is in order ---to comfort you in your mourning time. I got a shadow in the garage that aint been started in 10 yrs. Been thinking about fixing it up lately---or selling it.

    I dont see a rod rack on it, you musta took it off before selling it.
  18. Feel your pain Mark, and I totally agree with your reasons. More than several guys our age have been killed or injured around here lately. This brings up a topic that I'm steaming over, having just found out my grandaughter's other "Poppa" is taking her for rides on his bike where she rides in a sidecar. She's 4 years old and I'm really upset; if he wants to risk his life, that's fine, but to endanger a child in that menner is nuts, IMHO. Am I overeacting?
  19. Agreed. Not worth the risk, probably fine in his "days" but people are severly distracted these days.
    I'm a Paramedic, so I see the end results of "distractions", unfortunately when riding a bike, whether you're right or wrong(mostly right from my experiences) you always lose!

    If you still need the feeling of bugs in your teeth, get a jeep without a front windshield :D
  20. Close, Patrick, not a Dyna but a FXR S/G custom (very custom). As for speed, it would launch 2 people at +120mph and still had throttle left.
    Never did try to see just how fast it would go........

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