SAD- Steelhead Affective Disorder

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Charles Sullivan, May 2, 2006.

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    Salmosalar, I feel you man. No, not on the steelhead (ya eastside) but when aaron boone hit that pitch, just made me want to cry... well, at least the management came to their senses and got Mirabelli back.
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    fish with confidance and peace of mind or better yet get a good guide
    ( Ed W.,Mike K,John F. come to mind)who will show you good water and technique for that water.
    steelheaders who question either rob themselves many chances at getting a fish
    above all,,,enjoy the day on the river,while your looking at a eagle in the air something could be looking at the feathers in the water:D

    by the way,who's Aaron Boone?;)
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    A few years ago I called in sick mid week with no aspirations other than spending some time on the water in April on the Sauk and Skagit. Mid April I think, maybe late March. I'd been tying up a bunch of crazy flies that season for dollies mostly but also steelhead. It snowed on me at the first couple runs and I was stoked listening to a new CD from guys I knew back in the day when driving between runs and really had no expectation or nothin. Sun came out on the Sauk mixed with rain. I was hiking some distance, truth be told, for the hike not the fish.

    I knew a small, very small tub that occasionally held dollies so I tossed in- saw the grab- the run, the jumps, the whole deal on my fly a 10lb native hen with sea lice.

    I've hooked much bigger steelhead before and since but that was the moment i got over it. All I needed.

    I'm not addicted, I'm cured. Steelhead is an experience, not a fish. So that's my story. You climb the mountain but you can't stay there. Enjoy the view- and the view is equal to the effort. Enjoy the decent. Basecamp is full of opptimism and despair- the experience is yours alone. Only you decide how to make it worthwhile.
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    I went to the OP 6 times between this year and last year before i touched a fish, and that was bobber fishing! had to watch weekend warrior lay the smack down on like 10 between all those trips, and then the one i landed was probably the last hatchery fish in the HOH this year (not to discredit it, but come on, 6lbs, dark...). summer runs on the other hand, landed a couple of those guys(ask weeekend warrior). Steelhead are the most addicting thing out there as far as im concerend, everythign else is just a way to keep occupied between runs.