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  1. Mark I was there when Steve came up with the wild turkey cast, lol.
    does each individual video that you see mean that you know everything about each casters style?
    The fact remains that having seen in person that both casters start the cast with the bottom hand thus bending the lever as deeply as possible, says to me that they are both very efficient casters.
  2. how many beers have you had tonight????? ha ha ha
  3. Mark, I never stated that either was a underhand caster, I simply said that they both initiate the forward cast with the bottom hand.
    I would not get caught up in `styles` so much, as good casting principles apply to all styles that work well, ie a good cast is a good cast. It does not matter if you are casting a 20ft line or a 100ft line in order to do so well the best possible casting priciples are needed.
  4. Well if you really want to get specific and hung up on `styles` Andrew is actually casting `Fulcrum` style, also if you watch Andrews video till the end you will see the portion where he is using a longer line and a different camera angle, it would appear that he is top hand dominate in a couple of casts......but he is not, funny how an angle change can affect what you would see.
    As far as what you are looking for as traditional top hand dominate casting well the closest I have seen is in Mortinsans (sp?) latest video with the Scottish gilly casting.
    Why dont you instead of trying to compare apples to oranges just concentrate on what you believe are the most efficient aspects of a cast.
  5. Rather than quating pretty much what you can find on the internet concerning Fulcrum casting(great job on copying and pasting what is on Andrews website) why dont you just say that the bottom hand is the motor and the to hand is the steering wheel?
  6. Mark,

    The stroke change was a function of the rods I began using. Not the lines. Same lines, but lighter. While I prefer long lines, I cast and fish just about everything as conditions and situations dictate.
  7. Mark
    Looks like you are making some progress.
  8. It might be because of the short line that goran is using but he is not fulcrum casting in the true sense of fulcrum casting.
  9. [video=youtube_share;QeMb1LjHmPE][/video]
  10. Mark
    Now that you have seen the Video.
    What is Christopher Rowens say in his Video?
    What style is he using ?
    Who influence his style?
  11. Please explain the difference between what Goran is doing and the fulcrum cast method????
  12. I dont really need to tell YOU Greggy poo!

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