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  1. wrong wrong wrong. 75' head, 20 leader, shot a couple three rod lengths. Angle change was very healthy, greater than 45, hard to see with camera angle.
    Correct on (far) less than perfect load, but you failed to mention lousy snake out of plane, high sweep, curved anchor too close, forward creep, inadequate torso and hip rotation, and an ugly low stop. Didn't get the bottom out far enough or early enough, it killed the cast.

    Now let's see yours. You have been called out. That's one of my worst, let's see one of your good ones. Anything over 100 will do. Be prepared to display your knowledge by critiquing your own cast. How's your self-confidence doing today?

    See, this is real world. We don't stand on land and pop little switch casts out. And every cast isn't perfect. And there are few true authorities on this...especially not me. But this is what I did after being away from the rod for months, which also happens, and I caught a fish that day, which also happens. And I know self-serving bullshit when I see it.
    So throw it down, T. We'll be gentle. Or you, Mark, let's see some longbelly magic on a real river, with wet legs. I'm so lousy, I should be easy to show up.
  2. 75' head, three rod lengths shot and 20' leader??? Ha ha,, surely you can't be selling that junk cast as a 140 footer?? Time to get a protrator and tape measure. Makes sense now how you're hitting "140' consistently" Lol. No worries about my self confidence,, my manhood is not measured by how far I can throw a line

    Speyspaz, there's an old saying in Texas holdem,, "don't bluff the calling station"

  3. Let's see your vid, Clem. Or shut up. It's not about manhood, it's about your big mouth and you playing the ass.
    C'mon, spank the Spaz. You've seen my worst, let's see your best. Hell, I'll call it one rod length shot, 5' leader. Feel more comfortable now? You have better form? I and everybody else are interested to see. This thread IS about good efficient casting, right?
    Oh, and don't forget the self-critique, it's very important to be able to analyze your own cast from vid. That's what vid is really for, though some use it for fluffing their self-worth, RELATIVELY speaking...
    Kind of hilarious how you rolled right back into "I don't measure my manhood by how far I can cast" as soon as you were called out. This whole thread is about shortbelly poseurs. At least I'm willing to learn from the greats who have been insulted in this thread.

    Some of the best casters around have weighed in on this thread and you're too chickenshit to take on l'il ol' me? There's an old saying in Jersey, "shit or get off the pot".:thumb:
  4. Mark,
    You're a wonderful artist and seem to be a nice enough man, but you'll need to pull your head out. Anytime would be fine.
    Still waiting for Mr T, or you, to post ass-deep longbelly vid from a river, showing the mastery of these concepts you claim to understand so well.
    I'm not engaging in personal attack, I'm asking for you to back up your talk and calling a guy out for being a weenie. When you set yourself up as an "expert" you can pretty much expect that to happen. As TDave can expect his response.
    C'mon, post one and critique it. Let's see what you've got.
  5. Being able to review video of yourself casting can be a great learning tool. I just recently saw a video of my self single speying out a 70' head 18' leader and shooting around 20', all very comfortably across and into wind, but when I look at the video, it really looks brutal as far as form goes, open loop, out of plane, and it looks like I'm barely breaking 45'. Yet I do know I was changing direction of at least 50 degrees , dealing with wind and still getting out to where I wanted, very comfortably. It just didn't look too pretty...
  6. c'mon, Mark. Just one little reality based casting vid. It's OK if it's not perfect-look, I posted a humiliating cast and I didn't die!
    c'mon, pleeeeeze? Pretty please?
  7. You seem to shrug off the mechanics that go into competitive distance casting, and the resulting skills developed which in turn translate into real fishing cast mechanics. How could it possibly be more efficient to waive around all that extra graphite it your hands to throw a 300 grain line, only using 1/3rd of the rod's power, when you could could hold much less rod in your hand and the rod will do much more work for you throwing the same line?
  8. No, I was not comparing 16' "light line" to 16' "heavy line". I was comparing 10 wt. rod power for throwing 400 grains. to 5 wt. rod power for throwing 400 grains. Line management after the cast is a separate issue from the cast. Maybe you should try Meiz's 15'9" 4/5/6 to throw that 400 gr line and see which is easier and more efficient.
  9. One of the reasons these light lines cast so nice is because they are very well engeneered lines lines and some of the easiest casting lines made. I have the same lines and like them very much. I think casting something like an under weighted longbelly or even an old 789 windcutter with the two tips on that 16' #10 would require perfect technique and timing etc.

    I read many comments about the windcutter being the best line to learn on (I think they are old comments) I'm not so sure. But I think these newer lines are a breeze to cast comparatively speaking. I'm sure Jerry the atlantic salmon god as cast a few in his day.
  10. Unfortunately I also tried a lighter windcutter on a heavier rod and the results were fugly! I will not be posting a video of that casting session!:beathead:
  11. Mark,

    Now take that same line and rod, get to a real fishing depth and change the angle to 90 degrees. Try and get some clear footage (including from the casters POV) of the loop as has been said they do not lie. And if I remember from watching the clip there are about ten strips of about a yard each. 30 something foot head, approx 30 feet of running line, and the rod length plus overhang. So a cast that is landing somewhere between 65' and 75'. Possibly 80' depending on leader length and turnover. Which of course is plenty for a lot of water. Your friend does look smooth, well above average- can you see WHY he is able to get that light head to load? EXACTLY what he is doing to get the line speed and load? It would be a nice frame of reference if you could duplicate his technique and results.

    One of the other vids you posted (I think the rage test) showed a line with nasty side deflection. Cast looked to be about a 45 degree angle change and if you look closely the line lands with an arc (no it wasn't wind drift). Do you know what causes that flaw? My previous suggestion to you to see first hand what the best casters are doing was based on you appearing to fail to see this line arc while gushing over the cast.

    Skill is also measured by results.

    If you find two handed/spey casting in the dark hard as hell v overhead, this goes straight to the point of casting mechanics. There are some flaws in your mechanics and/or how you are making adjustments. You should be able to safely and effectively cast with your eyes closed.

    'finally somebody tried it'....Mark underlining rods is as old as the hills. Having driven myself nuts chasing 'underlining' for several years I learned a lot along the way. Underlining works but you are sacrificing a lot to do it. Spot duty? Sure. But as a daily line of choice? No way.

    I do not have sufficient camera equipment nor time to make casting vids for critique. But if you find yourself on the Snake drainage come early Oct I am more than willing to spend time sharing ideas and having a mini clave.


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