Sage 476 DS2 For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Cactus, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. I have a slightly used Sage 476 DS2 for sale. It has been fished 3 times and is a great small stream rod. The only signs of use is that the cork is slightly dirty. I will also throw in a Rio DT4F Classic line with the rod.

    $145.00 plus $10.00 shipping.
  2. Price reduced to $140.00.

    The line alone would cost you $48.00 if you bought it new!
  3. OK guys. If you buy this rod and line, I will donate 25% of the proceeds to help out Wingtickler who just lost his home and all of his belongings in a fire.

    So here is a chance to get a great rod at a great price AND help out a fellow WFF member in need.

    What do you say?
  4. how does a 7.5 foot rod fare? I fish a 9ft 4 wt most often, and I fish an 8.5 ft 2 weight as my small stream rod. I like the extra length for fishing the places I do because I can reach out there over bushes, and do some high sticking in the pools. I can see the advantage of a short rod in tight overhead cover, but what different tactics do you use with a short rod versus a 9 footer?
  5. You would have to ask someone else about different tactics, the tactic I work on the most is trying to get the line to land in front of me.:eek:

    It is nice to use when you have alot of overhead obstructions like tree limbs which is why I got it. I'm only selling it because I got a good deal on a 7'9" 3 wt.
  6. Last call before it goes to the auction.

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