Sage 5126 z axis or TFO deer creek 5/6 ?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by bilnik, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. bilnik New Member

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    Whats the lighter action of the two? Anybody out there use both?
    I'm betting the Sage, but I'm just wondering about the TFO.
    I already own a tfo 12'6" 6wt. Looking for a lighter spey rod.
    Thank You- Bill:beer2:
  2. rick matney Active Member

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    The sage is a little stiff for my like so I would go with the TFO. May be if you put one of the compact skagit airflo lines on it it would load but I didn't care for it. Only casted the two a couple of times. Try the Dec hogan Echos, they make a 4wt 11'9" and a 5wt 12'2". Just another option.
  3. Steve Buckner Mother Nature's Son

    I haven't thrown the TFO, but the Sage is a decent rod - that said, I've thrown the Meiser 4/5/6 12', and thought it was the best rod I've thrown in that size/rod weight. Give it a toss if you can.
  4. fullerfly Calvin Fuller

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    I have thrown both and honestly, I like the TFO a little better. I am a big fan of the narrow grips to feel the rod load. The TFO has a little more return for the amount of effort that you put into the cast. As for the price...the TFO is much cheaper.
  5. golfman65 Guest

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    I have the 5126 z axis and had a 12'6" 6wt TFO...The TFO was super soft and flexed through the butt...didn't mind it for the price but not the greatest stick i've ever used..I love the Sage, it casts the 5/6 cnd really nice as well as short head skagits etc. I've landed big bulltrout on it have hooked winter steel as well but due to my lack of paying attention..lost a couple, My buddy landed a wild 16-18lb buck on his 6126 a couple weeks ago and while he said he was undergunned he was surprised by the back bone this rod has...
    I haven't tried many other 5wts that are really in this ones ball park...I've tried a few make believe ones that weren't...and as far as it being stiff?? the sage makes me slow down my stroke big time and will fire the line but I can still put some mustard into it if the wind picks up and it handles that fine too....Only other rod in the 5wt I would consider is the gloomis, but have heard it is softer and casts really nicely but not as far as the sage...

    Would love to try the Meiser..but haven't had a chance too..
  6. doublespey Steelhead-a-holic

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    Hey Golfman - are you referring to the TFO 12'6" 6wt original or the Deer Creek 12'6" 5/6wt? Just curious.
  7. bilnik New Member

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    Yeah mon, I'm wondering the same ting. I got the TFO 12' 6" original.
    I'm wondering about the Deer Creek 5/6wt.
    Thanks doublespey. This ain't golf.
    No big ting.
  8. Connolly New Member

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    I cast both a 5126 and a 6126 last weekend at a Spey Class with Simon G.
    He had them lined with AFS lines.
    I was specifically looking for a real Trout Speyrod.

    I have also cast most of the Z-Axis rods a month ago in WA. lined up by Geo Cook and Simon

    These rods in my view are a progressive flex and not "stiff"/fast at all.
    Perfect for many types of lines with the right stroke.

    You need to slow down so as not to rip the anchor.

    Either a 5 or a 6 wt will do fine for me....I tended towards the 6 wt---felt more substantial to me.
    But I had been casting 8 wt lines all weekend;)

  9. bilnik New Member

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    OK, thanks Greg, and all other replies. I'm going fishing.
  10. ralfish Active Member

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    Sorry for the late reply but to qualify your question you should mention the size of the targeted species.

    I'm the owner of the 6126 Z Golfmange65 was talking about :clown:. While I purchased the rod with coastal bulls in mind I have been quite surprised by the jam this rod actually has. Have now messed with a couple rather large wild steel on the rod while out hunting for feasting bulls and the butt still has some backbone to handle these big powerful fish.:eek:

    Make no mistake, the 6126Z isn't the rod one should use while targeting steelhead over 10 lbs. But in the off chance of such an encounter, you will still have a crack at a fair game if you are in appropriate water without over playing the fish.

    Casting stroke is kind of cool also. While the tip is soft, if you slow your stroke down you can launch the line with very little effort. Yet if you are so inclined to power past the soft tip, the bottom third of the rod has an incredible amount of power available. Still working on my timing, and so haven't found the limit of this rods casting capacity yet.

    2 to 8 lb. fish feel just fine on the 6126 Z, so depending on the size of the target species the 5126 Z might just be the stick. It is so light in hand that my old 'go to' 9 weight rod now feels like a piece of tree trunk. The CND GPS 5/6 rocks on both the 5 and 6 12'6 Z. 108 grain +-tips is what I use for the deep stuff.
  11. Salmo Trutta Member

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    I've thrown the Meiser 4/5/6 12', and thought it was the best rod I've thrown in that size/rod weight.

    Agree 100%.

    BTW it is 12'6" rod not 12'
    I have used 5 pc version which is a bit crispier then 4 pc on Alaskan Rainbows in 3-11 lb range since 2005 and the rod is super.
    Airflo 40+ wt. 9 SH ( adjusted to 360 gr@32') or SA Skagit 355 gr@22' + tips around 10-11' made from T-8 or type 3 sinking material around 100 gr are perfect match for the rod.
  12. bhudda heffe'

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    IF you can wait, ive cast a meiser proto 3/4 spey with a 4/5 cnd gps that was SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy middle between the mks and highlander.
  13. bilnik New Member

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    Ok, thanks,see ya,by,gotta go.
  14. Salmo Trutta Member

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    Even so Meiser 12'6" 4/5/6 ( 5pc version) is called Highlander, it feels more like Hybrid Classic Highlander/MKS. Definitely is deeper action then other Highlanders and have relatively speaking firmer tip.

    When I talked with Bob a couple moths ago on the different subject a lighter version of 12'6" 4/5/6 came up ( probably 3/4/5 ) and he has mentioned that it has softer tip, perfect for dry line ( surface fishing).

    However if you after larger trout in 5-10 lb range, specially wild fish like Alaskan Rainbow, I would go with 12'6" 4/5/6.
  15. golfman65 Guest

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    Sorry for the delay in my reply..Hey I gotta a life too you know..or maybe not...

    The TFO i had was the original, not the deer creek. Have heard both good and bad about the DC but haven't had a chance to try one so can't comment...Good to see you here Ralfie...King of the Squish!!! :thumb:
  16. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    I have a Deer Creek 5/6, love it love it, for steelies up to 12 lb so far- bends all the way to the lower grip with a good sized fish on! very sporting. The Deer Creeks use either the MKS or Highlander taper, both Meiser/Kinney designed, depending which model you choose.
    Deer creek 5/6 is built on the MKS taper, which is a regressive taper rather than a progressive taper that the majority of rods are built on. It loves the lower hand/underhand and wants you to shoot for the sky. It gives a "slingshot feeling" with scando and skagit tapers, real easy to cast and doesn't tire you out.
    I also have a Deer Creek 15' 8/9, which is on a Highlander taper, and man is that one hell of a stick. words fail me.
    I tried out some Z-axi at Speyclave and really like them, some guys won't fish anything else, but you could have TWO Deer Creeks for what a Z-Axis will cost you.
    Oh yeh, I'm getting a 13' 5/6/7 Meiser hybrid ordered soon. Brrrrrrr. cool. hooah
  17. sothereiwas Member

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    If you want a light in the hand 5/6 spey look at the G Loomis Kispiox Dredger. Its a sweet stick, makes even 16" SRC's fun.
  18. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    Yeah the Kispiox is a great stick. It loads really deep into the blank and is a really nice stick to cast. That is what I have now after using Bove's a few times on trips.
  19. SSPey Member

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    spaz, the TFO DC 12'6" is patterned off a Highlander type taper, not an MKS.
  20. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    you're absolutely right, I misremembered if that's a real word. see my exerpt from spey pages on next page of this string.