Sage 5126 z axis or TFO deer creek 5/6 ?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by bilnik, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Here's a quote from Speypages, I stand corrected on the MKS taper assertion: Meiser told me it was Highlander! Duh, how do I look with egg on my face? It's the mid sized DeerCreeks that are MKS tapers. What I said about it still goes though-the 5/6 loves the underhand.

    "any idea what the grain window is on that 15' 8/9 rod? I forgot to ask Mr Meiser when I emailed him about it.
    I understand it's pretty wide on those Deer Creeks.
    BTW, here's our exchange in case anyone else had the same question as me- my question is at the bottom. his answer is as follows:

    The Deer Creeks are all fines sticks <> Great fishing tools.

    The 15'0" 8/9 is in essence a Highlander taper ... A bit different then the MKS rods.

    The Deer Creeks are based on the following:

    12'6" 5/6 <> Highlander

    13'0' 7/8 <> MKS

    13'6" 8/9 <> MKS

    14'0" 9/10 <> MKS

    15'0" 8/9 <> Highlander

    Bob Meiser

    Subject: An aside (UNCLASSIFIED)

    Hi sir-

    How does the Deer Creek series of rods compare in taper/action to the

    Highlanders and MKS series? I'm thinking particularly about the 15' 8/9.

    I held an MKS in my hands for the first time Sunday, and I was

    enthralled with the workmanship.

    But I'm a newbie and a notorious rod-thrasher, so I'm thinking the Deer

    creek might be a better jump-off point for me."

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